Charlie Jackson granted the honour of African Elder on trip to Kenya

by Feb 6, 2020

Whilst running football masterclass sessions in Nairobi, Kenya, Moorland Football’s coach Charlie Jackson was granted the great honour of African Elder – affording him the freedom of Nairobi.

Charlie Jackson, who has held previous coaching roles at Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers and Ajax, is owner and Director of Matrix Soccer Academy and Head of Football Development at Moorland Football Academy described the honour as one of his proudest moments.

“I have had the opportunity over the years to coach some of Kenya’s finest football talent. During my recent trip I worked with boys from different age groups and also some of the local coaches. I planned and delivered a series of technical sessions and took the opportunity to pass on some of my insight into becoming a professional player, whilst also spreading the good work about the opportunities we have here at Moorland Football Academy for aspiring footballers throughout the world.

Receiving the honour of African Elder during this trip was a huge surprise, it was an incredibly proud moment and wonderful to receive recognition for the work myself and the Moorland Football Academy team have done over the years in Nairobi.”

Carl Lightbown, Moorland’s Admissions Manager and football enthusiast joined Charlie on the trip to Kenya. Carl added:

“Based at St.Christoper’s School in Karen, Nairobi, the coaching sessions were a huge hit. Within just 1 week the majority of participants showed significant skill development and it was evident the coaches involved gained crucial professional development from working alongside Charlie each day. It was wonderful to watch and we are pleased to announce we are in the process of planning our next trip!”