Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)

by Nov 25, 2019

We offer continuity of education allowance as many serving Armed Forces’ Personnel are incredibly mobile, often having to relocate to different military bases nationally and sometimes internationally.

This can be incredibly disruptive to a child’s life, particularly when it comes to their educational attainment and social wellbeing.

For this reason, the MOD offers funding to help contribute to the cost of boarding school, allowing families to move together without causing disruptions to their children’s education.

Why Choose Military Boarding School?

It’s quite normal and routine for military personnel to move and relocate, often numerous times, which can cause considerable disruption to a child’s education. As a result, when military children reach the age of 8, it’s possible for their parents to begin applying for an allowance to help with boarding school fees. This allowance is referred to as the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA).

Who is Entitled to Continuity of Education Allowance?

In order to claim CEA funding, your family should be aware of the following requirements:

  • Your family must remain living together
  • Be likely to move in the next four years
  • Agree that the child will complete their education at the chosen boarding school

Things to Consider: 

When considering placing your child in a military boarding school, it’s useful to consider the following:

  • Will my child like boarding school?
  • Are we likely to need to relocate soon? You will have to provide evidence of your mobility over the previous few years and the likelihood of needing to move in the future
  • Is the boarding school in a good location? Consider transport links such as roads, airports and trains, especially if you are likely to be posted overseas
  • Are you thinking about buying a house? In order to demonstrate mobility and accompanied service, you will not be able to stay there unless it meets the edibility criteria

Applying for Armed Forces Boarding School Allowance (CEA)

If you think you are ready to apply, then the first step is to contact the MOD Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS). They will then issue you with your own unique serial number. The next stage is to complete the forms on the Joint Personnel Administration (JPA) and if successful you will be awarded an eligibility certificate.

Here is a summary of the CEA application process:

  • Contact CEAS and attain a serial number
  • Complete the forms on JPA
  • If qualified, your solider will be issued with an eligibility certificate by Pay and Allowances Casework and Complaints Cell (DBS PACCC)
  • CEA is claimed via JPA in a published ‘window’ three times a year ready for the next term
  • When you begin to claim you will have to retain your receipts from the boarding school to prove you have made payments
  • The CEA rate is determined annually, typically at summertime and the new rate is issued every August

How much is CEA Allowance?

The exact allowances are reviewed and published every August, in 2019, they were as follows:

Education allowances per term from 01 August 2019:

  • CEA Board – Junior: £5,969
  • CEA Board – Senior: £7,828

CEA allowance can cover up to 90% of the school fee and is for children who start in the school year in which they turn 8 years old, up to when they turn 18/19 years old.

This means that fees at Moorland Military Boarding School are approximately £70 per month for Junior boarding and approximately £90 per month for Senior boarding.

School Children’s Visits (SCV) – AFF campaign

The AFF campaign may also be of interest to many military families in the UK. This is a contribution towards reuniting children with their families within a certain distance. This is often useful during holidays and half-term breaks and goes a long way to helping children and parents maintain a healthy relationship which is tremendously to a child’s educational attainment and wellbeing.

Parents contribute to these trips. The SCVs year is from September to August; to learn more about the AFF campaign and make a claim, please visit your unit admin office.

For more information about the CEA and how your child could access our boarding school for military families in the UK, please visit: