Our Promise, Your Promise

We can all afford to dream… and dreams, hopes and ambitions are what life is all about, whether it’s on the football pitch, in the classroom or whatever career you choose to follow.

It is our responsibility to ensure we offer a safe, happy and caring learning environment, where all our young learners achieve their true potential in as many areas of their education as possible. This is our promise to you, and one that is naturally translated into our Moorland Football Academy coaching philosophy.

The Moorland Football Academy boasts two tiers of high-level football coaching here at Moorland School, namely the ‘Elite’ & ‘Academy’ programmes.

Developing through the ‘Elite’ or ‘Academy’ route is challenging, and as we offer our promise to educate and coach your child to the highest level, we want you as families to give us your promise in return.  In essence, we will expose your child to as many opportunities we believe they are suited for, that’s our promise, and your promise is to support your child and us, in knowing what’s best for their personal and football development.

We will not offer or afford false hopes or make promises we are unable to fulfil.  We will present realistic targets and in turn, through nurturing and individual student attainment, we are confident that your child will encounter a range of opportunities and experiences to enhance their development.  It is our belief, that the opportunities that the Moorland Football Academy such as the BTEC affords our learners have more latitude and scope than any of our rivals.

The ‘Elite’ Programme

The ‘Elite’ programme is a scheme focused on the development and identification of young footballers who have the potential to progress within the sport. The programme is available to all boys and girls in the School.  The criteria and pre-requisites for joining the programme are based around good attitude and application, along with a passion for the game.

Typically, the pupils will train for 6 hours per week as part of their curriculum timetable. The coaching is delivered by the Moorland coaching team.

The Moorland Elite programme has been established at Moorland School since 2002, under the tutelage of our full-time coach, Charlie Jackson.  Coach Jackson instigates a balanced timetable where children are removed from non-core subjects to access the programme.

With the aid of Coach Jackson and his talented team, the students are encouraged to reach their full potential, develop their football skills and improve overall fitness.

The ‘Academy’ Programme

The aim of the ‘Academy’ programme is to develop the young player who may have the potential to trial for a professional academy and even become a professional footballer.

The most talented and gifted children are taken from the ‘Elite’ programme to develop their skills further.  A number of players who have attended the ‘Academy’ programme are currently signed to football clubs, including Manchester City, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United, Preston North End, Blackpool, Preston North End and Accrington Stanley.

The players within this select group are challenged daily by high-intensity drills over a typical 8-10-hour week.  Whilst the ‘Academy’ players are training and playing for Moorland School, they are exposed to professional clubs and their respective scouting networks.

The same as the ‘Elite’ model, selection for the ‘Academy’ is driven by good behaviour and application.  To progress to the Academy setup, the student in question has to demonstrate a clear and evident aptitude for the game.

As part of the ‘Academy’ framework, the coaches also offer an introduction to sports science and sports coaching.

Following on from the ‘Academy’ Programme, for students aged 16 to 18, they have the opportunity to access the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport, whilst playing for the Blackburn Rovers Shadow Squad.

Overall, the ‘Elite’ & ‘Academy’ models provide a true development pathway to identify talent and afford unique opportunities to progress in the world of football.

Life at Moorland Football Academy

Being a footballer at the Moorland Football Academy affords our students access to first-class training and technical development to develop their true potential and prepare them for the rigours of professional academies and a potential career in the game.

Students not only receive the highest level of football coaching, they are also guaranteed a comprehensive academic provision within small class sizes and a bespoke timetable unique to them.

Our pupils also have access to many unrivalled opportunities, such as working with renowned UEFA A & B licensed coaches from Category 1 academies and being regularly monitored by scouts from Category 1 Clubs, such as Blackburn Rovers and Manchester City.

The Moorland Football Academy has established a reputation for marrying an intense, stimulating, driven and focused programme with a nurturing environment, which encourages students to guide and support each other, as they live and learn within the Moorland family ethos of mutual respect.

This is your time, this is your opportunity

Code of Conduct & Values

ALL Players & Students will be able to:

  • Be team players at all times
  • Be respectful and mindful of others and learn from their skills and expertise
  • Be considerate and empathetic to fellow players
  • Be aware of their own areas of strength and weakness
  • Be ready for the rigours of different challenges and tactics
  • Be driven, self-reflective and ambitious
  • Be able to inspire others and able to be a good role model
  • Be independent and able to maintain good time management
  • Be flexible to change, difference of opinions and learning new skills
  • Be able to adapt to new positions and systems / formations

ALL Players & Students should be willing to:

  • Be able to maintain a professional dress code and present themselves in an articulate and professional manner
  • Be confident enough to make big decisions in training and games
  • Be robust enough to take advice and critical judgments from others
  • Be willing to connect the relevant links between different skills and sessions
  • Be able to utilise their football skills and knowledge and adapt them to their academic studies
  • Be willing to try and learn new skills with confidence
  • Be able to challenge themselves in new ways each and every session
  • Be always willing to support each other through times of difficulty
  • Be true to themselves and avoid the trappings of peer pressure
  • Be able to work hard, give their best and strive to improve each and every day.

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