How To Get Into A Football Academy

by Mar 31, 2020

If your child has talent and truly excels at playing football, like many parents in this situation, you have probably considered how you can help them achieve their dream of becoming a professional football player.

Naturally, it’s common for parents in these circumstances to be afraid that they may be placing too much emphasis on a career in football, neglecting the importance of their education.

So, how can you help your child become a professional football player and address these concerns and maintain the healthy balance between academic progress and football development?

One popular solution is to help your child join an academy such as the Moorland Football Academy…..

How To Get Into A Football Academy

What Is A Football Academy? 

A football academy is a facility with the key objective of helping to train and develop young footballers to increase their opportunities in the football industry.

Many football academy attendees go onto achieve the following roles:

  • Become first-team players
  • Become semi-pro players
  • Achieve careers in the game such as coaching, sport science, physiotherapy, sport business management and sport journalism.

What Happens At A Football Academy Such As The Moorland Football Academy?

Combined with state-of-the-art facilities, academy training combines a standard education with a focus on football, including consistent coaching and feedback to allow students to excel and reach their full potential.

In summary, this can include the following activities:

  • Training and development from experienced and UEFA Qualified football coaches
  • Frequent football matches each term
  • Skills and techniques development
  • Training on nutrition and mental preparation
  • Players are trained specifically on agility, quick passing, technical ability and possession based football
  • Participating in national football competitions such as the ESFA & ISFA Cups, as well as regional tournaments such as the LSFA Lancashire Cup.

To ensure that our students maintain the natural balance, all football development training and education is included as part of the main academic curriculum, to ensure that all students combine their football talent with excellent GCSE & A-Level results.

Professional Football Club Partnerships & Relationships

Most football academies are closely associated with local football clubs, for instance the Moorland Football Academy has a very close relationship with Blackburn Rovers F.C.

Moorland are also the official education partners of the Club, which helps provide students with genuine industry experience.

How To Get Into A Football Academy Such As Moorland

The majority of football academies, such as the Moorland Football Academy, offer football training and courses to children aged from 5 to 19 years of age.

Along with pre-16 courses, Moorland also offers the new and innovative BTEC Level 3 in Sport course, which is a perfect addition to practical football training and coaching.  The BTEC course is delivered by UEFA licensed coaches and is run in conjunction with Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

To date, we have 10 signed Blackburn Rovers Category 1 Academy players, as well as players signed to Manchester City, Manchester United, Preston North End, Blackpool, Burnley and Accrington Stanley to name a few.  This achievement is even more remarkable, as Moorland School currently has less than 100 boys within our Senior School cohort.  This just underpins the importance of quality over quantity.

As a non-selective independent school, our admission process is open to children with a love and passion for the game, combined with a dedication to study.  Our role is to help develop our football students and ensure they realise their full potential.

To learn how your child can enrol at the Moorland Football Academy, please contact us directly and feel free to request a prospectus on this page.