How To Get Your Child Scouted For Football Success

by Mar 31, 2020

Thousands of fans cheering as you score the winning goal in the Champion League Final, picking up the World Cup as your team pat you on the back.  These are the kinds of dreams many of us have had, and that very journey can begin by being scouted!

So how do you get your child scouted?  And what exactly can you do to improve your child’s chances of being scouted?

How Important Are Scouts?

Even though a scout’s role at major football clubs often goes unnoticed, the reality is that they are often solely responsible for identifying up and coming talent.

Therefore, it’s essential that your child is well prepared and is at peak performance for those rare opportunities where they are going to be playing in front of a scout or talent ID officer.

If a scout is impressed by your child’s performance, they will often invite them to a football trial to assess their abilities before offering them a contract.  As a result, ensuring your child is seen by a football scout is imperative to their chance of pursuing a professional career as a football player.

How Can You Improve The Chances Of Your Child Being Seen By A Scout?

So now you know the importance of your child being seen by a scout, you are probably wondering how you can get them seen by a scout in the first place?

One of the best ways to get the attention of scouts from football clubs on a regional and national level is to send your child to a football academy such as the Moorland Football Academy.


The Moorland Football Academy routinely receive attention from scouts, especially those associated with professional football clubs that are constantly on the lookout for new and young talent.

For example, Moorland Football Academy has a close relationship with local club Blackburn Rovers, so it isn’t difficult to understand why so many of our past students have gone on to play at a professional level.

At present, we have 10 signed Blackburn Rovers Category 1 Academy players, as well as players signed to Manchester City, Manchester United, Preston North End, Blackpool, Burnley and Accrington Stanley respectively.

Crucially, there is a more obvious reason why football schools such as Moorland attract the attention of scouts, that being their students have often played for many years and have been trained by professional football coaches such as our own Coach Jackson of Manchester City FC.

Moorland’s Head of Football Development, Charlie Jackson, has previously worked at Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers FC, as well as coaching at Ajax FC in Holland by invitation.  Coach Jackson’s philosophy is based on quick passing, technical ability and possession based football, which has brought success on numerous occasions at both regional and national level.

What Are Football Scouts Looking For?

As you may have guessed, the job of any good scout is to identify talented players, and therefore they are on the lookout for individuals who look the most comfortable with the ball at their feet.

However, how do they assess players in such a short space of time?

A scout’s goal is to identify potential talent in order to invite them to a trial for a more thorough analysis, football scouts tend to look for the following key attributes:


When looking at potential talent, it’s important that your technique is impeccable, demonstrating that you have a strong mastery of the ball, that you are able to notice good passing opportunities and have an awareness at all times of the game going on around you.

Being able to use both feet is also a clear advantage, as it shows true versatility.  Even though some of the best players in the world rarely use their weaker foot, there’s little doubt they will be able to use it confidently.


As the adage goes, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going and a scout will be looking for a player who can handle the pressure without showing petulance or mental weakness.

Scouts will routinely talk to the player’s friends, family and school, to receive a more informed view of a player’s temperament.  As well as technical talent in the game, a good scout will be looking for a team player, and one that can handle the pressure.

Football IQ

Knowing where to be on the pitch at the right time is an essential quality for any professional level football player.

Strong game knowledge and being able to make the right decisions at the right time, are key qualities that scouts will be keen to see.  Scouts want to see a player that has genuine tactical awareness and is willing to look at the whole picture when it comes to game management.

If you are interested in your child attending the Moorland Football Academy, feel free to get in touch or request a prospectus here.