Junior Admissions at Moorland Private School – Clitheroe’s Only Private School

by May 20, 2020

*Operating Safe Distancing as Standard due to Limited & Small Class Numbers

Set in the heart of the idyllic Ribble Valley, Moorland Junior School, affectionally referred to as the ‘Woodlands’, offers a bespoke, tailored learning experience for Reception aged children, all the way up to and including Year 6.

A Truly Unique Learning Experience

At Moorland Juniors, we are passionate about understanding each child’s strengths and harnessing them so that they can fulfil their maximum potential.

Junior Admissions

All our staff are experienced and fully qualified Primary Years practitioners, with an approachable and easy-going attitude help, all children feel happy and secure, serving to foster a successful learning environment.

With small class sizes – an average of between 8 and 12 (capped at a maximum of 16), we are able to provide more teacher and pupil engagement, ensuring children get the time and attention they need to maximise potential. As a result, we are also able to provide individualised learning, which combines both academic subjects that are part of the national curriculum, as well as subjects’ children may show a keen interest in.

Located in a national beauty spot and picturesque surroundings throughout the year, we endeavour to make the most of this as much as possible, including our interactive forest school.

Although academic success is a key goal for all our children, we also strive to ensure all children develop their social and emotional intelligence during the formative years.

Convenience & Flexibility for Parents & Pupils

We understand just how challenging managing your child’s education can be, that is why we offer flexible school hours and an extensive transport network across the Ribble Valley and beyond.

Moorland Juniors opens its doors at 8 am and remains open until 6.30 pm, allowing busy parents to avoid unnecessary childcare and providing maximum convenience.

Our transport network consists of a fleet of 8 buses that offer door-to-door travel for all pupils, providing them with a secure and convenient journey to and from school. All drivers are hired by the School and operate within the Ribble Valley and beyond including coverage of local towns such as Accrington, Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Skipton and Colne.

Catering for Excellence

We understand that a child’s diet is essential for optimum growth and development, hence why Moorland takes catering extremely seriously and aim to provide a well-balanced and enjoyable variety of high-quality dishes.

All meals are served fresh and are carefully crafted in-house by our experienced and fully qualified chefs. This also means we are able to tailor meals on an individual basis and we send our menus to parents out regularly for review and feedback, enabling you to see exactly what food your child is provided with for added reassurance. Essentially, we know that a daily diet and food intake is fuel for the body and mind, and is why we place such importance on this matter.

Get in Touch Today

If you would like to learn more about Moorland Juniors, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact our Admissions Manager Carl Lightbown today – simply call 07809 308488, or email your enquiry to clightbown@moorlandschool.co.uk

We are now also offering video calls and virtual tours, plus our new prospectus is ready to download, click here.