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As a well established UK Military School we understand the challenges that a Forces family can face and why having your children in a school that fully appreciates these challenges can be of great support, comfort and reassurance.

We welcome children from military families, providing them with a stable learning environment when there is uncertainty around relocating and possible deployment. 

As a CEA school we accept armed forces boarding school allowance which deployable military personnel may be eligible for via the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS).

Moorland is a small family co-educational military boarding school, which accepts children for boarding from ages 8 to 18 and has provided a caring and warm environment coupled with exceptional education for tri-service Forces children for nearly eighty years. We have over 40 Forces families, so your children will not feel isolated.

Military Boarding School UKOur Military Liaison Manager, Carl Lightbown’s door is always open and our staff always available for any Forces parent needing a sympathetic understanding of his or her situation. You can be assured that our teaching staff, and particularly our boarding staff, understand the emotional needs of our children.

Our houseparents apply patience, experience, understanding, common sense and humour as they deal with the daily routine of boarding life. They read bedtime stories and play games with younger students; they apply firm but friendly persuasion when a bedroom needs tidying up; they understand when things are not going well, and all these help children settle and enjoy being boarders. Our large boarding community enables all children to find a strong group of friends and they know that very few places are more comfortable than boarding at Moorland.

Moorland Military boarding School is a non-selective and accepts students from a wide range of ability, but through having such a wide curriculum and variety of pathways, all students are able to achieve success. This is achieved through dedicated, professional teaching staff supported by committed house staff, facilities and extra-curricular activities that help students explore and develop their interests, and an ethos that encourages a positive and happy living and learning environment.

Moorland Military School is approximately 50 miles from Manchester airport but also close to Leeds/Bradford airport and Liverpool airport. We provide a free airport collection and drop off service through our own transportation and ensure that children are fully accompanied every step of the way.

Being a military family, we have moved around a lot at the cost of our children’s education. Being part of the moorland family has seen our child grow from strength to strength not just educationally but personally as well. For the first time she is settled and is enjoying school and making friends that will last a life time. The decision to send our children to boarding school was not a decision we took lightly, but as each day pasts and we see her grow and enjoy every element of Moorland life. From the unique teaching styles, extra-curricular clubs, evening events in the boarding house and the fun packed weekend trips, we know we made the right decision in choosing Moorland School.

Vicky & Scott Green

From the beginning of identifying a boarding school for both our children, not only have they flourished academically, with the help and assistance of all teachers and the pastoral staff they’ve helped to nurture them to become successful, polite and confident young children. The pastoral care is second to none, living approx. 3000 miles away this is reassuring to know that their wellbeing is just as important as the academic side of things. We as parents would happily encourage parents if looking for a private education for their children to look no further than Moorland School.

The Branch Family

As a serving soldier in the British Armed forces school and home stability is always something my wife and I have strived to achieve for our two daughters; Moorland School has provided this and much more. I sent both of my daughters at a young age of 10/11 to Moorland School while posted in Cyprus in 2010. Moorland school helped our girls make the physical journey home every half term and the metaphorical journey of living away from home and family whilst studying. The staff take up the role as a family member not just a house parent or head teacher providing an all-inclusive family atmosphere for children in their daily lives encouraging them to be the best they can be. The Head teacher Jonathan Harrison goes above and beyond to make sure every student is comfortable and at home here- with his office door open at any time for questions and advice. My eldest has since moved on to Manchester University studying English, and youngest just finished her GCSE’s

Robert Delamar

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Armed Forces’ Boarding School Allowance – Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA)

If you are entitled to claim the Armed Forces’ Boarding School Allowance – Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) you will be pleased to know that our school is on the approved list. 

The allowance, up to 90% of the school fee, is for children who start in the school year in which they turn 8 years old, up to when they turn 18/19 years old.

Fees are approximately £70 per month for Junior boarding and approximately £90 per month for Senior boarding.

Children up to 18 years of age at school in the UK could also be entitled to three free return journeys a year to visit their parents serving on accompanied tours overseas. Please note that you must claim before your child reaches year 12, as new awards are not given to years 12 and 13.

For more information about the CEA and how your child could access our boarding school for military families in the UK, please visit:

Need Help Applying? 

We are one of the most affordable boarding school options for Military personnel within the UK despite having the biggest offering for children within our care. 

We are also highly experienced, and can help to advise our families in regards to the completion of documentation for the application for CEA allowance in accordance with the Pay and Allowance Casework Cell (PACC). 

So if you want to know how to send your child to military school, please refer to the two links below for further support and guidance, you can also refer to the JPA. 

Military Boarding School at Moorland

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Army Cadets

A  number of boarders, from both a military and non-military background attend the recently established Clitheroe Detachment of the Army Cadet Force (ACF). The ACF is open to boys and girls age 12 to 18, with the Clitheroe Detachment meeting on Mondays and Thursdays from 7 to 9pm at Waddow Hall, close to the school.  By joining the ACF, cadets spend their spare time taking part in adventurous activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking and abseiling, as well as opportunities to participate in sporting competitions.

Moorland School Residential Camps

Moorland School regularly organises free residential camps for military dependents throughout the school year. Camps are fun-filled and action-packed providing participants opportunities to get active with participating in various sports, get creative  by doing arts and crafts, and get engaged with various trips and activities in and outside of the school. A great way to make new friends and lasting memories.

For details of upcoming camps and contact details, please click the link below:

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