Moorland Ballet Academy with Exclusive Access to our Patron’s New Show

by Sep 10, 2018

On Friday 7th September, we were privileged to witness a run of Kenneth Tindall’s new work “The Shape of Sound” with the Northern Ballet Company.

The day offered a wonderful inspiration for all the students. Take a look at some of the feedback about the day:

“Today we went to Northern Ballet and experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity with our Moorland Ballet classmates as we went to see a professional rehearsal for our patron Kenneth Tindall’s new show called ‘The Shape of Sound’. It was so interesting to see how the dancers were moving in such an abstract way as this piece was very contemporary and different compared to your usual show. It was amazing to learn how the dancers reacted to their corrections and it was just such an experience to see professionals at work doing their everyday extraordinary job. Kenneth Tindall is such an inspiring choreographer as his work is so amazing and unique and we both hope to work with him in the future.”

By Niamh and Abrielle (Year 10 Students)

“Today we were so lucky! The moorland ballet dancers were exclusively invited to go and watch a rehearsal of Kenneth Tindall’s new choreography with Northern Ballet Company. This was an amazing opportunity and experience to watch professional dancers perform in a studio setting. Everyone came out inspired and feeling very honoured to have had that insight into not only what was an incredible piece but an insight into what it was like to be a professional dancer. We watched a rehearsal of the second cast and saw how rehearsals worked in the professional world and what was expected of them. We then saw a complete run through by the first cast with hair and makeup. The choreography was emotionally beautiful and the standard of the dancers took our breath away. Over all the experience was magical and inspiring as we journeyed back to school everyone was ready to fight harder to become the dancers we had just seen perform. We went in excited to watch it and came out desperate to dance it.”

By Zoe Lincoln (Sixth form student)