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Cofie Comes Home – From Moorland to Manchester United & Back Again.

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In 2020 Moorland School is pleased to welcome John Cofie back to the School in a Coaching Role. John will be joining Head of Football Development, Charlie Jackson in a role which extends the Schools knowledge and experience within the football world.

Having a career spanning various international clubs, John’s relationship with Moorland School begins first at the age of 10 when he attended as a student. Now returing in a mentoring at Moorland, will not only allow him to help educate young footballers in the early stages of their careers, but will also allow him to reunite with his old coach and mentor, Charlie Jackson.

Our aim has always been to embed the correct techniques right from the outset, encouraging young footballers to play and develop naturally. We believe football should be fun and putting these two colleagues and friends together in an educational environment is something that Moorland School believes can only lead to more rounded and successful football graduates. Those aspiring to become professional footballers, can also take advantage of our contacts at the highest level meaning we offer genuine through-routes and pathways for those exceptionally talented players.

Moorland School provides a unique education option for potential future football talent including pathways to professional CAT 1 level Academies. With on-site boarding Moorland provides a safe haven for students from all over the globe, as well as a high level of academic education for all students. Adding John as part of this on-going journey only strengthens the offering from Moorland Football Academy, whilst allowing John to refocus his efforts and write a new chapter in his story.

Read and download the full Press Release here.