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Hannah wows at YAGP and earns coveted tutelage from Alberta Ballet School

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Back in 2019, one of our academy students, Hannah, competed at the YAGP (Youth America Grand Prix) in Paris. YAGP is the world’s largest network of dance and runs an international ballet and contemporary dance competition annually.

Whilst there, she was approached by the Alberta Ballet School and was invited, alongside ten other dancers from around the world, to go to Canada to take part in some classes at the prestigious school. As this is an honour bestowed on very few, Hannah jumped at the chance to dance with them.

The Alberta Ballet School is the official training centre of the Alberta Ballet Company and has been offering professional ballet training since 1991. In the last two years alone, graduates of the school have gone on to dance in world-class companies such as the Hong Kong Ballet, Moscow Ballet, Kiev Ballet and the National Ballet of Japan.

Unfortunately, as with many things in 2020, Hannah was unable to make the trip across the pond due to ongoing Covid restrictions. Although disappointed, Hannah was offered the chance to take part in a Zoom evening with the school which included Ballet, Contemporary and Pointe classes. Due to the time difference, Hannah started the class at 11pm and danced through the night; now that is passion for your craft!

When asked about the experience Hannah said, “It was amazing to be given the opportunity to be part of the classes and learn from the inspiring teachers and professionals at Alberta. I was really tired by the end, but I enjoyed every second.”

When asked about what she liked about the class, Hannah said she loved the Contemporary class, “It’s a lot different from the classical style, there is much more freedom of movement.”

One of our Ballet Directors, Simon, added that “Hannah is a wonderful dancer and we are so proud of her accomplishments. The fact that she was invited to go and dance at Alberta is an incredible honour and that reflects on her as a person and as a dancer.”

Congratulations on this amazing opportunity Hannah – keep shining brightly!