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Moorland School offers a very unique curriculum offering, through their varied specialist qualified teachers, coaches and ballet instructors. Indeed, the range of the school’s offering is unparalleled by many schools, especially by one so small.

The school’s ethos of selecting students based on behaviour is further enriched by the capping of class sizes to 20 students, which sees typical class sizes of between 15 to 18 students. These reduced class sizes allows our professional teaching team to effectively patrol and assess learning as it is taking place, free of many classroom behavioral distractions.

Indeed, the reduced class sizes also means that our teachers have literally more time to mark books and homework to a higher standard, as well as being able to give meaningful feedback, intervention and progress checks.

The small class sizes also mean that students cannot simply hide from the teacher, thus being allowed to underachieve, indeed because of our size we know both the students and parents extremely well, and parents have the personal work email addresses of everyone of their child’s teachers.

Indeed, we can never understand why parents would place their children into other private schools where class sizes exceed 25 students to the class, as many of these schools are beginning to have similar class sizes to many state maintained schools. The simple truth is the more children you place into a class the more you dilute the teacher’s time, interaction and quality.

Moorland School offers 24 GCSE qualifications or their equivalence, and many of these subjects including additional specialisms are offered by the school at A-Level, please familiar yourself with our Sixth Form whilst visiting our website.

Please see our subject offering below:

English LanguageMathematicsPhysicsGeography
English LiteratureComputer ScienceChemistryHistory
Additional EnglishBusiness StudiesBiologyReligious Studies
ESLCitizenshipCombined ScienceArt
Media StudiesFood & NutritionBTEC in SportsMusic
The school’s dedication to ensure that children maximise their academic potentials is fully supported by the dedicated operation of a Curriculum Review Panel which meets weekly to discuss teaching and learning, assessments, differentiation, timetabling, options, curriculum planning and our children this panel is made up of six members of staff, Dr Bootle, Head of Science, Ms Nolan, Head of English, Ms Pursglove, Head of Mathematics, and Head of Faculty, Mrs Booth, SENDCo and our Headteacher, Mr Harrison.

The Curriculum Review Panel are heavily commitment to transparently reflect the views of all teaching and support staff to ensure consistency, and effective delivery of our educational ethos, thus ensuring that all children will achieve in each subject in accordance with their ability.

The Curriculum Review Panel have completely reviewed the entire curriculum offering, and have established and agreed a consistent approach to every aspect of recording, monitoring, planning and marking. They have also agreed that regular and meaningful marking must take place and that this evidence, assessment must then inform the planning for subsequent lessons.

Mrs. Booth along with the Headteacher hold the overarching responsibilities for teaching and learning and educational standards across the whole school, and Mrs. Booth ensures that all children are appropriately differentiated for, thus enabling them to excel and make excellent progress across all of their chosen wide ranging subject choices.

All children in the entire school have been academically assessed upon entry using GSL CAT, Cognitive Ability Test and other GSL assessments which are used to identify SEND requirements, such as Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. These will also be supported by a vast range of examination weeks, end of unit assessments and a comprehensive reading age test. This test was delivered as recently as the Summer Term, 2018.

Moorland School also employs two Assistant Headteacher’s, who closely assist the Headteacher thus ensuring that the daily operation runs smoothly. Mrs Deborah Frost is one of our Assistant Headteacher’s, and she also holds additional responsibilities as the schools nominated Designated Safeguarding Lead, (DSL) and GCSE Examinations Officer.

I am also delighted to announce that we have successfully satisfied all moderation standards for both the GCSE JCQ Examinations Body, and for the BTEC Level 2 & 3 Awards, including retaining the LFE contract for the education of all Blackburn Rovers Football Club Scholars, on their plus 16 BTEC Level 3 programme.
Mrs Deborah Frost

Assistant Headteacher

The School is also internationally renowned for our football programme and ballet programmes, as we have developed and produced many professional footballers, and we are the current Lancashire Cup and England Schools Champions 2018, (ESFA).

The school offers Level 1 and 2 football coaching qualifications, alongside BTEC Levels 2 & 3 within sports and football. The Level 3 BTEC has the equivalence of 3 A-Levels in regards to university entry UCAS points.

Additionally, our two Ballet Directors were trained at the Royal Ballet, and both worked as Principal Dancers for Northern Ballet Company. Lynsey and Simon Kidd are internationally respected, and have been invited to support ballet development within Japan.

The school has had ballerinas ranked extremely highly in the world at major competitions, such as having one student placed in the top 12 in a major world ranking event in New York, in 2018. All graduated ballerinas have gone on to win professional contracts performing within professional ballet companies.

Students have also completed degree level examinations in ballet and dance, including gaining high level coaching qualifications alongside their academic and dance qualifications.

Please review our programmes in greater detail within both the football and ballet sections of this website, including reviewing our extra-curricula offerings.


Life at Moorland International Boarding School


Moving Daniel from the local comprehensive school during the Easter of Year 8 was the best decision we have ever made. Prior to Moorland, Daniel felt sick every morning and made himself ill, making every excuse not to go to school as he didn’t feel like he fitted in and he always said he didn’t feel safe. Dan was quiet and withdrawn, walking stooped with his head looking at the floor. Since coming to Moorland, Dan is a confident young man who loves going to school and walks tall. Now when Dan is unwell we have to force him to stay at home!

As a family we cannot thank all the staff enough for the opportunites Dan gets and the way he loves learning now. Dan also completed his first ever voluntary school trip abroad skiing with Moorland in Year 9. This for us as a family was hugely significant, as he is such a home bird and we were so happy that he loved the experience.

We chose Moorland as it is small and our experience is that the staff know Dan intimately so that they are able to encourage, support and motivate him to get him to achieve his best potential. On the Moorland School buses it says ensuring every child comes home happy. Dan definitely comes home happy.

The Fletcher Family Year 9 Parent

Both our daughters attended Moorland Private School from year 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed their school life here. Initially contacting the school as our eldest daughter was experiencing a lack of confidence at her previous primary school, she has developed into a resilient, mature, self-aware young woman, becoming Head Girl at Moorland in Year 11.

The Moorland teaching staff are very friendly, approachable and passionate about their subject. It is clear to see a feeling of mutual respect between staff and pupil around the school. Due to smaller class sizes, teachers are able to provide individual support in class and are also available outside of class for extra support in person and through the online learning system, Edmodo. The timetable was developed to take account of their individual preferences, subject combinations and higher levels of study. It has been very pleasing to see our girls enjoying their academic studies and taking ownership of their own learning, completing independent study and wider reading to pursue their academic interest and career aims. As a College Lecturer myself, I realise the importance of these skills to maximise their potential through Sixth Form and University life.

The Spence Family Year 10 & 11 Parents

Right from the start, Moorland School was the right choice for our children. My daughter and my son joined Moorland in 2007.

They are happy when they go to school and they are happy when they come home, therefore they are achieving great results and we are very proud of them.

Pastoral care is embedded within the School and all the pupils’ needs are carefully accounted for. Communication is way beyond what we would normally expect, we have direct email addresses to all teaching and admin staff, giving us 24/7 access to the School.

We feel an important part of the Moorland Family and they are an important part of ours, and as a consequence we are very proud to be raising outstanding children with good hearts.

The Burby Family Year 10 Parents

Our children started their Moorland journey 7 years ago, and it has proved to be the best move we could have made.  Both Dominic and Gabrielle were made to feel right at home from day one.

We have seen the School go from strength to strength, whilst not losing the ‘family’ feel and their core values. Dominic achieved 11 GCSEs at Grade C and above, way above what previous schools were telling us he was capable of.

Gabrielle still attends Moorland, and we continue to see her flourish with the support of the caring teaching team and school staff.  Gabrielle is encouraged by her teachers, and afforded their complete time, support and energy.  The latter helps her confidences in the social and academic sense.

As a family, it is paramount to know that your children are safe, happy and reaching their true potential.  At Moorland, we know that this is truly the case for our children.

The Cheetham Family Year 10 Parents

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