Moorland Sixth Form

Moorland School believes in education through teaching and not by lectures and constant note-taking. I believe in an environment where students have structured guided learning, and where they feel fully supported both academically and pastorally by our teachers.

This being said, we are prepared and extremely experienced in placing appropriate ‘parental’ pressures onto our young minds to ensure that they progress through their curriculum, meet deadlines, self-study and ultimately gain sufficient grades to continue onto further academic studies, should this be their chosen path.

Moorland has a strong sense of community, offering our students warmth from the moment that they begin their studies due to the relatively small year sizes, everyone becomes well acquainted with each other and friendships are quickly and confidently formed.

Tailored enhancement programmes and a range of enrichment opportunities are offered to our Sixth Form Students and we would strongly encourage you to take full advantage of these opportunities.



Head of
Sixth Form

Moorland Sixth Form has a completely unique outlook on educating their students. At Moorland we will consider offering any additional specialist ‘A’ level subjects within areas where you have shown interest, where practical.

We also offer a one year ‘A’ level entry programme for those students who need to acquire a higher understanding, working knowledge and entry level of the English Language. This helps to improve IELTS scores for acceptance into further studies, and in the support of this Moorland School employs dedicated EFL teachers to support this programme of study.

We also expect students to participate in accepting wider responsibilities within the school, working with staff and younger students as positive and inspiring role models.

Relevant work experience can also be arranged through the school to support academic interests, whilst improving social and emotional confidences, and the school formally requests that their Sixth Form students present themselves throughout the school day professionally by wearing smart business attire.

Our greatest motivation as a staff team has always been in creating aspirations and challenges through dynamic and responsive teaching and by offering strong curriculum choices which meets the needs and demands of our students.

Dr Deborah Bootle
Head of Sixth Form

Why Choose Moorland Sixth?

Why Choose Moorland Sixth?

Our academic excellence places Moorland School as one of the most successful schools within the UK.

  • A recently built multi-million-pound boutique style living accommodation and classroom facility.
  • Sky television and Wi-Fi.
  • Access controlled doors for extra security.
  • Separate and joint girls/boys common areas with drink-making facilities.
  • Free gym membership.
  • Daily transport arranged into town.
  • A two-minute walk into the market town of Clitheroe, home of quaint coffee houses, stylish shops and restaurants.
  • Treated as adults, a place where ideas are valued and respected.
  • No official uniform, all students wear smart dark business suits.
In our experience of Sixth Form teaching, students are lectured at and not taught. At Moorland, young minds will be taught in small class sizes not exceeding 15 students. All subject matter will be thoroughly explained and students will be set appropriate coursework and homework to complete. Whilst we appreciate that our students are now young adults, they will still need reasonable pressure to be applied to ensure that they complete work to deadlines and achieve their true academic potential.

Students will be expected to be punctual to all lessons and attendance will be strictly observed. Unlike other Colleges and Sixth Forms, all study time will be structured, and directed by a professional teacher.

As a former Moorland School pupil myself, I can only say how proud and privileged I feel to be able to represent past and present pupils, as well as our parents, teachers and the local community in which we serve.
Jonathan Harrison


The Moorland International Academies

Aims – Becoming Responsible Adults with Style

We serve the community and work with parents to help all students grow into mature, responsible adults and good citizens.

As partners in learning we should:

  • Nurture a love of learning; foster innovation and creativity in enquiring minds within a ‘family’ atmosphere of care, mutual trust and respect.
  • Develop a Sixth Form which is a place where all enjoy the opportunity to develop, through mutual support and respect, to become confident, responsible, enterprising, independent life- long learners and good citizens.
  • Promote a safe learning environment, both physically and emotionally.
  • Be a recognised centre of excellence for the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all students.
  • Expect high standards of understanding and respect for the religious and moral values of the students own and other cultures.
  • Maintain and develop a dynamic and motivated staff, involved in their own professional development.
  • Promote a collegiate approach to learning through our partnerships with local colleges.
  • Become a Sixth Form for the future equipped to prepare our students for the rapidly changing needs of the work place and life in general.


We aim to ensure that all students achieve their full potential. Progress is constantly monitored and students work closely with their subject teachers, as well as a tutor who is assigned to a small group of students to provide additional pastoral support. Working together, they will provide you with the best opportunities to fulfil your potential and advise you how to approach your studies in the most appropriate way to you. We are a very open and friendly sixth form where everyone knows everyone else. There is always someone around to offer you support.

Guidance about future career choices is at the heart of the personal developed curriculum, with additional support being offered by our staff team to ensure that students select the correct universities and programmes of further study.

The Student Council

The Student Council looks forward to you joining the Sixth Form. All members of the Council work on your behalf as students, to ensure that you have a voice and are able to use your ideas to help you make the most of your time at Moorland Sixth Form.

The social life at Moorland Sixth Form is an important part of the student experience and the Moorland Student Council arranges many social events.

Student Voice

At Moorland Sixth Form we want to listen to the ‘voice’ of all our students as your views help to shape and improve Sixth Form life. It is highly important that our students feel empowered and confident enough to inform the school in regards to their perceptions of the quality of teaching and learning, additional support, accommodation, food and general facilities that are being provided, indeed all students take part in course forums which give you the opportunity to give your opinion on the courses you are taking. You will also take part in surveys about your overall Sixth Form experience.

Every tutor group votes for its own representative on the Student Council, with the Student Council Executive being elected by the whole student body. Student representatives take part on an equal standing with Moorland School staff on committees such as Equality and Diversity, Health and Safety, and IT.


Life at Moorland International Boarding School


Moving Daniel from the local comprehensive school during the Easter of Year 8 was the best decision we have ever made. Prior to Moorland, Daniel felt sick every morning and made himself ill, making every excuse not to go to school as he didn’t feel like he fitted in and he always said he didn’t feel safe. Dan was quiet and withdrawn, walking stooped with his head looking at the floor. Since coming to Moorland, Dan is a confident young man who loves going to school and walks tall. Now when Dan is unwell we have to force him to stay at home!

As a family we cannot thank all the staff enough for the opportunites Dan gets and the way he loves learning now. Dan also completed his first ever voluntary school trip abroad skiing with Moorland in Year 9. This for us as a family was hugely significant, as he is such a home bird and we were so happy that he loved the experience.

We chose Moorland as it is small and our experience is that the staff know Dan intimately so that they are able to encourage, support and motivate him to get him to achieve his best potential. On the Moorland School buses it says ensuring every child comes home happy. Dan definitely comes home happy.

The Fletcher Family Year 9 Parent

Both our daughters attended Moorland Private School from year 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed their school life here. Initially contacting the school as our eldest daughter was experiencing a lack of confidence at her previous primary school, she has developed into a resilient, mature, self-aware young woman, becoming Head Girl at Moorland in Year 11.

The Moorland teaching staff are very friendly, approachable and passionate about their subject. It is clear to see a feeling of mutual respect between staff and pupil around the school. Due to smaller class sizes, teachers are able to provide individual support in class and are also available outside of class for extra support in person and through the online learning system, Edmodo. The timetable was developed to take account of their individual preferences, subject combinations and higher levels of study. It has been very pleasing to see our girls enjoying their academic studies and taking ownership of their own learning, completing independent study and wider reading to pursue their academic interest and career aims. As a College Lecturer myself, I realise the importance of these skills to maximise their potential through Sixth Form and University life.

The Spence Family Year 10 & 11 Parents

Right from the start, Moorland School was the right choice for our children. My daughter and my son joined Moorland in 2007.

They are happy when they go to school and they are happy when they come home, therefore they are achieving great results and we are very proud of them.

Pastoral care is embedded within the School and all the pupils’ needs are carefully accounted for. Communication is way beyond what we would normally expect, we have direct email addresses to all teaching and admin staff, giving us 24/7 access to the School.

We feel an important part of the Moorland Family and they are an important part of ours, and as a consequence we are very proud to be raising outstanding children with good hearts.

The Burby Family Year 10 Parents

Our children started their Moorland journey 7 years ago, and it has proved to be the best move we could have made.  Both Dominic and Gabrielle were made to feel right at home from day one.

We have seen the School go from strength to strength, whilst not losing the ‘family’ feel and their core values. Dominic achieved 11 GCSEs at Grade C and above, way above what previous schools were telling us he was capable of.

Gabrielle still attends Moorland, and we continue to see her flourish with the support of the caring teaching team and school staff.  Gabrielle is encouraged by her teachers, and afforded their complete time, support and energy.  The latter helps her confidences in the social and academic sense.

As a family, it is paramount to know that your children are safe, happy and reaching their true potential.  At Moorland, we know that this is truly the case for our children.

The Cheetham Family Year 10 Parents

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