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A Nurturing Environment for Children to Grow

Our School Principles

At Moorland, we develop our children’s social, mental, and educational wellbeing by providing a caring and nurturing environment. Our passionate teachers, carers, and support staff – along with our unique familial environment –  ensure that every child is engaged and heard. In the Infant School, we care for children and take them on their first steps towards education and development.

We have a unique close-knit community. Our students and staff benefit from our small class sizes, which allow our team to understand each child’s individual needs and tailor their learning experience.

We also aim to create a lifelong love of learning in our students, and regularly play games, teach lessons in the great outdoors, and use our dynamic learning spaces to keep young learners engaged. This helps develop independent thought and shows that learning is something that is done beyond the classroom. This approach allows us to provide a strong foundation for future studies and help our children find their interests and begin to understand themselves.


We are so fortunate to have amazing facilities and surroundings at our disposal. Situated in the beautiful Ribble Valley, we make the most of the idyllic settings to teach indoors and out, with nature walks, learning through experience and more. This quiet and remote setting also takes away distractions and allows our team to create a magical world for our students to learn and grow.

nursery play room


At such a young age it’s important to understand that every child learns differently. Our dedicated educators make sure that the curriculum varies according to individual needs and interests. We teach a broad range of subjects and use modern techniques to keep learning fresh and fun.

Social Interaction

Social skills are an important part of early development. Whether it’s learning how to communicate effectively, understanding sharing and respect or developing self-confidence, we instil positive social skills. These skills prepare students for future education and life beyond school.

children in reflective jackets
Mission Statement

A Caring & Considered Approach

Moorland Infant School aims to prepare children for Junior School by ensuring our children are socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepared. Our education team engages our students in a meaningful way to challenge, encourage, and support them as they develop. We have tailored every part of school life, from unique teaching methods to a caring support network, all in the aid of your child’s development.

Foundational education is an integral part of learning as it creates the initial practices that students will need throughout their school careers. Our amazing team of educators regularly attend training courses to improve their methods of education and better understand the intricacies of shaping young minds.

Year 1

Year 1 is the first step in education. We set the foundations for learning by engaging students’ minds with a wide range of learning mediums. This includes reading, tactile lessons, learning through discovery. We also have a well-resourced library, modern classrooms, dedicated learning spaces, and of course our stunning natural surroundings.

All these resources go into developing our students for the next phase of education. We aid intellectual, emotional, and social development and prepare our students for Year 2 and beyond.

Year 2

In Year 2 we continue to build education by developing more advanced learning and topics. We continue to teach social, intellectual, and emotional skills and work with students individually, in small groups, and in-class exercises to get them used to working with others. Our teachers, teaching assistants, and the pastoral team all love what they do and this enthusiasm permeates everything we do in the Infant school.

Our students learn in and out of the classroom as we also offer a wide range of extramural activities. Team sports, creative pursuits, and even engagement with the natural world all build upon learning and allow students to find the topics that inspire them.

Teaching that goes beyond the classroom

A Life-Long Love of Learning

Moorland School promotes learning as a lifelong endeavour. We plan trips, days out, and even get people from the local area to come and present interesting demonstrations. By engaging with Clitheroe and the surrounding area, we can make learning a community activity and show our students that learning is something that goes beyond the classroom.

We also have great facilities onsite and offer a wide selection of sports and creative activities. Our fantastic grounds, committed team, and unique approach sets Moorland School apart.

Admission Tour

Book a Guided Visit to the School

Moorland School front view

At Moorland, we operate on an ‘open door’ policy in regards to parental visits. We understand that your child’s education is an extremely important decision, so we aim to offer an opportunity in which you can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Our Admissions Manager is on hand to arrange these visits and personally guide you around our campus; ensuring any questions you may have are answered and you leave Moorland understanding our ethos and the education we can offer.


Apply for Admission at Moorland School

Moorland is revered around the world for its culturally diverse classes and exceptional academic achievements. We deliver a high quality education spanning all age groups, including our specialisation for international football and ballet.

Knowing that Moorland Private School is the correct education for your child should be an easy decision and our Management team will be on hand to ensure the transition to our school is a smooth, simple and happy process.