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A Happy Education Provides a Head Start in Life

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Good foundations are key to development, growth, and education. Moorland School’s EYFS gives your child the perfect start to their schooling career. Our Staged Learning Environments engage children from 3 months up to 5 years with interactive spaces, purpose-built classrooms, and a dedicated education and development team.

Our commitment to EYFS rests on three important goals. To NURTURE our early years’ students, SUPPORT growth and development, and help them PROGRESS to the point where they are equipped to handle schooling and socialising.

As we are always striving, Moorland Nursery School achieved and maintained the prestigious Lancashire Quality Award from 2014 to 2017 and is again working towards obtaining this accreditation to ensure we are ahead of all development matters within the Early Years sector.


Our Nursery learning space is filled with sensory interactive environments, instilling a sense of adventure and desire to learn from an early age. Our Early Years staff ensure that all children who enter, are constantly making progress in a safe and nurtured environment, leading them to have the best care and chance to take steps forward as they transition towards school life.

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During Nursery education, we know it is paramount that younger children are allowed to learn through both indoor and outdoor activities, whilst maintaining a structured academic target for our children. We ensure that children are happy, socially and emotionally confident individuals shaping them for success during their formative school years.

Social Interaction

We focus on employing staff at Moorland School who fit specific criteria, this is crucial to the ideologies we instil in all our children. To encourage healthy confident social interaction, we ensure our educators are always, warm welcoming personalities with a high level of care and patience. Being selective in this manner allows us to employ staff who can bring the most out of every individual child.

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A Caring & Considered Approach

Nurturing & Supporting Children for Future Progression

In Nursery, we aim to ensure that children are socially and emotionally confident and happy during their formative school years. By engaging children’s curiosity in a meaningful and developmental way, we reinforce good social traits and learning practices. Our small class sizes (usually less than ten students per class) allow us to tailor the National Curriculum to individual needs and keep children engaged throughout the school day.

Our experienced team regularly completes a minimum of 15 training courses each year to further enhance their knowledge and skill set. This training benefits our children immensely, as we are better placed to educate, understand, and provide early intervention. Staff training is specific to the needs of the children with whom the staff work. For example, our Baby Unit Staff Team are trained in all matters of development concerning babies aged 0-2 years old.

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3 to 12 Months

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Ensuring a smooth transition between home routine and Nursery setting is paramount at such an early age. We work extremely hard to ensure transitions can be as smooth as possible for parents and babies, maintaining home routines during Nursery where possible.

Our carefully considered baby room boasts a quiet and tranquil atmosphere designed to create a seamless marriage between our beautiful outdoor setting and indoor space. This space is filled with natural light throughout the day, creating a welcoming space in which babies can settle upon arrival, eat, rest or play at their own pace.

We know how important sleep can be for babies of this age, which is why they have their own private sleeping room, this is adjacent to the main playroom enabling them to rest in complete peace. All our babies under 12 months sleep on an angel care breathing sensor mat for their safety and your peace of mind.

Our learning curriculum for babies of this age focuses on heavily visual and sensory experiences with our babies often experiencing the outdoor environments in the safety of our grounds.


12 to 24 Months

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Once our toddlers discover their ability to walk, the exploration begins. We actively encourage our toddlers with a learning environment that allows them to explore their curiosities in a safe space, whilst developing individual personalities, thoughts, and preferences.

At this critical point of their growth, toddlers begin to utilise their newly found independence of walking. We provide an indoor and outdoor space, designed to encourage the children to freely explore as they play. We have a large spacious indoor play area with everything from sand & water through to our small world and sensory learning areas.

This indoor space is paired with our private toddler garden. Often populated by local wildlife which toddlers can experience during outdoor play and daily nature walks.

As with other early years groups; we understand that with all this hard work and play, toddlers also need their rest. This is why our toddlers have a designated sleeping room that is always accompanied by a member of staff to ensure they sleep safely and comfortably.


2 to 3 Years

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Upon leaving our Toddler group, children start to take the initial foundation steps in their learning and development. At this age, we focus on encouraging learning through play, exploring language and communication as well as a variety of later learning skills.

Our Nursery space is spacious and vibrant, with the ability for children to freely learn and play in an active and social indoor environment designed to support independent learning and social interaction. Our large activity room balances a large play space with the children’s first experiences in more academically focused learning concepts. The indoor space, as with all Moorland Early Years spaces, has its own private outdoor garden area in which children can explore and learn freely in a safe secluded space.

At this age, the children can conquer many early life milestones. Milestones are integral to successful development as they progress towards school. Constructing sentences, learning mannerisms such as taking turns, playing co-operatively together and toilet training are just a few of the major experiences that children can have at Moorland Nursery.


3 to 5 Years

Our Pre-School excels in ensuring children receive a head start in their school life. Our self-contained Pre-School environment prides itself on providing children with a wealth of experiences and opportunities which are led by our highly skilled and qualified Pre-School team.

The Pre-School day resembles the structure of a Primary School day whereby children enjoy the early implementation of Registration, Phonics, Early Reading, Literacy, and Numeracy. Such early implementation is cleverly disguised as learning through play, investigation and exploration due to the exemplary teaching methods and techniques held by our Pre-School staff team.

At this final stage of Early Years learning, children further develop their independence and individual personalities. Our staff team actively encourages all our children to engage in opportunities for them to develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally to prepare your child for the upcoming experience of reception level education. Learning indoors and outdoors, we encourage courteous manners, self-confidence, respect and a sense of pride in achievement throughout these formative years.

In the Pre-School age group, we start to see children developing personal friendships and bonds with other children. They also begin to better understand themselves and their needs. We focus heavily here on ensuring that the children we look after form strong social bonds, understanding each other’s needs and feelings along the way, forming life morals, and goals that can last a lifetime.

Learning Beyond a Traditional Routine

An Extracurricular Approach, Achieving More with Children

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We believe in providing a holistic education. Children learn best when engaged in interesting environments and exercises. As a result of this approach, our preschool students develop a life-long love of learning. Whether indoors or out, learning academically or practically, creatively or physically, our all-encompassing approach provides a well-rounded system that helps our students feel respected and heard.

An added benefit of our system is training students to become responsible for their learning. By building confidence in activities they enjoy, we allow them to go on their own journeys of learning and development.

Admission Tour

Book a Guided Visit to the School

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At Moorland, we operate on an ‘open door’ policy in regards to parental visits. We understand that your child’s education is an extremely important decision, so we aim to offer an opportunity in which you can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Our Admissions Manager is on hand to arrange these visits and personally guide you around our campus; ensuring any questions you may have are answered and you leave Moorland understanding our ethos and the education we can offer.


Apply for Admission at Moorland School

Moorland is revered around the world for its culturally diverse classes and exceptional academic achievements. We deliver a high quality education spanning all age groups, including our specialisation for international football and ballet.

Knowing that Moorland Private School is the correct education for your child should be an easy decision and our Management team will be on hand to ensure the transition to our school is a smooth, simple and happy process.