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Day Students

A private Education for the Local Community

All our students learn and grow together. Our small class sizes, exceptional academics, nationally-recognised sports and culture programmes, and supportive pastoral team all form part of Moorland School’s unique schooling identity.

Boarding Students

The Perfect Home Away From Home

Moorland International Boarding School offers the best of a picturesque country location and modern-day creature comforts. Our boarding students live and learn in a friendly, family environment allowing students the room to develop independence and confidence whilst under the watchful eye of our caring pastoral team.

Pastoral Care

Dedicated Pastoral Staff Caring for Your Childs Welfare

Our pastoral teams care for each and every child under our tutelage. Our school is a melting pot of cultures with tolerance, kindness, and support central to everything we do. From sourcing home recipes for homesick students, to making sure students are on track in their academics and sports, the support team at Moorland School is like a home away from home.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Adapting to Learning Styles & Ensuring Care

All children learn differently and may require some extra support be it physically, academically, emotionally, or socially. Our SEND education system emphasises individual needs and is informed by our highly-trained SEND staff with two current members boasting NASENCo (National Award for SEN Coordination) accreditations. From admission to development, we offer our SEND students a unique individualised education system that helps them develop and grow in confidence.