Moorland - Education

Junior School

Our School Principles

A Nurturing Environment for Children to Grow

At Moorland School we believe in helping children develop their social, mental, and educational wellbeing by providing a caring and nurturing environment. Our dedicated team, amazing facilities, and focused learning pathways set clear goals for our students and allow them to grow into happy, independent students.

Students at Moorland benefit from our small class sizes which allow our team to understand each child’s individual needs and tailor their learning experience. Everyone from the Head of Department to teachers, teaching assistants, and the pastoral team works together to create a close-knit family atmosphere where children feel comfortable expressing themselves.

In our Junior School we help students prepare for life in senior school. We encourage positive traits such as honesty, respect, self-confidence and independence. We use our unique curriculum to give children a strong foundation for learning and living.


Our picturesque setting, modern classrooms, and unique lesson plans make the most of the indoor and outdoor environments. Engaging students’ senses with new and exciting settings is a huge part of our success at Moorland. Children learn best when interacting with their environment and we offer a lot of first-hand exposure to the world to allow independent discovery and learning.


Our curriculum varies according to individual needs. Every student learns differently and we endeavour to tailor lessons, topics, and subjects to engage young minds. We teach a broad range of subjects from Maths and English, to creative and technical pursuits like Dance, Design and Technology and Art.

Social Interaction

Developing social skills is as important as traditional education. We prepare our students for life outside of school by developing our students’ confidence as well as their social and communication skills. All our students feel heard and leave the Junior School confident in their abilities.

Mission Statement

A Caring & Considered Approach

We aim to prepare students for school life and beyond by ensuring they are socially, emotionally, and intellectually prepared. We engage our students in a meaningful way to challenge, encourage, and support them as they develop. Every part of school life, from our tailored curriculum to the familial support network, engages students throughout the school day and helps them develop a love for learning and discovery.

Our small classroom sizes, pastoral care, and individualised teaching approach is the basis of this success and we strive to help every child who joins Moorland School pursue their dreams.

Our amazing team is passionate about the work they do and regularly attend training courses to improve methods of education and assessment. This allows us to educate, understand, and provide early intervention more effectively.

Year 3

Our Year 3 students are introduced to a new and exciting world in a safe and inspiring space. Led by Miss Walberg, our education team comprising of teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral support, assess students to understand where their interests lie and how they are best suited to learning. Whether it’s through traditional instruction or sensory stimuli, we tailor every child’s experience to engage them throughout the day.

We are also fortunate enough to have a wonderful suite of learning spaces. We teach both indoors and outdoors. Children are encouraged to investigate on their own and develop independent thought. We also have a well-resourced library, dance hall, a full ICT studio, engaging classrooms, and of course our stunning natural surroundings.

All these resources go into developing our students for the next phase of education.

Year 4

Our Year 4 students continue to develop their skills with more advanced lesson plans. Along with the principle focus on intellectual, social, and emotional development, we support physical development with our ties to extracurricular activities such as our unique ballet and football programmes.

Along with the core subjects of Maths and English, students learn other subjects through our term topics. These topics allow us to frame learning and keep students interested. Whether through outdoor excursions, dance classes, singing lessons, creative writing, design, or conversation, our students gain a unique insight into their favoured subjects and the world around them.

Employing one-to-one work, small group work, and general class lessons, our students learn to work independently and cooperatively.

Year 5

Our Year 5 lead is Rachel Peachey, who is also the Head of the Junior School. This year marks a significant shift from the previous years as we build upon embedded teaching to start the transition to a secondary school education. Our small class sizes allow us to quickly and effectively assess students’ needs and tailor learning to their strengths and weaknesses.

Students in Year 5 are encouraged to learn and participate with our fun and engaging approach to education. They also have access to our incredible amenities which include a full ICT suite, a well-resourced library, modern classrooms and outdoor lessons. These amenities coupled with our inspiring education team makes learning a fulfilling experience.

Teachers and teaching assistants work with Year 5 students in individual, group, and class formats to engage students and prepare them for the demands of life at school and beyond.

Year 6

Year 6 is led by Mr Atkinson and focuses on reinforcing the lessons learned in previous years while preparing students for the move to senior school education. Students are taught a wide range of subjects from English and Maths to Science, Geography, Art, and Design and Technology.

Our small class sizes allow our team the chance to give every student the attention they need and help tailor education to individual interests. As always, our students make use of our extensive facilities and experience education as an ongoing process, rather than something done exclusively in the classroom.

Our teachers, teaching assistants, and pastoral team help students deal with educational as well as social and personal concerns. We constantly feed back to parents so they know exactly how their children are doing with work and school life. Our students are happy, independent, assured of their skills, and ready to meet the demands of secondary education.

Teachings That Go Beyond the Classroom

A Life-Long Love of Learning

As ever, here at Moorland we promote learning, not as an activity limited by the classroom, but rather a practice to be pursued in everything we do. We have a wide range of extramural activities including football, dance, music, art, drama and trips. We also work with the local community to enrich the learning experience, be it a guided tour of historic buildings, a Q & A session with a renowned journalist, or a nature walk to understand the importance of river eco-systems.

Our football and ballet programmes are held in high regard. Both help aspiring dancers and footballers achieve their dreams and go on to professional pursuits. As always, our extramural activities allow us to engage students with the world around them and cultivate independence, self-confidence and skill development.

Admission Tour

Book a Guided Visit to the School

Moorland School front view

At Moorland, we operate on an ‘open door’ policy in regards to parental visits. We understand that your child’s education is an extremely important decision, so we aim to offer an opportunity in which you can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Our Admissions Manager is on hand to arrange these visits and personally guide you around our campus; ensuring any questions you may have are answered and you leave Moorland understanding our ethos and the education we can offer.


Apply for Admission at Moorland School

Moorland is revered around the world for its culturally diverse classes and exceptional academic achievements. We deliver a high quality education spanning all age groups, including our specialisation for international football and ballet.

Knowing that Moorland Private School is the correct education for your child should be an easy decision and our Management team will be on hand to ensure the transition to our school is a smooth, simple and happy process.