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A Happy and Nurturing Learning Environment for our Students

From the moment you arrive on campus at Moorland, you are surrounded by its beautiful grounds and welcomed by friendly staff. For many of our children, the school also acts as their home which means we strive to deliver an extremely warm, happy and caring atmosphere.

Upheld by strong traditions and reputations, our academic and sporting achievements are renowned around the world. We achieve a high level of success, whilst maintaining a policy of a non-selective behaviour based admissions. This allows us to ensure that we can create a learning environment in which children and young adults can thrive, grow and excel. As an international boarding school, our campus is bustling with cultural diversity with each student bringing their own life experiences. Learning and growing in this environment encourages a socially aware group of students, who grow up with emotional and social confidence.


Smaller Class Sizes & Individual Tutoring Support

Our small class sizes, seldom exceeding twenty students, allow our experienced teaching staff to provide a high level of individual education and care. We believe Moorland is an extension of the home, with smaller classes allowing for a considered nurturing environment in which every student feels they belong and can be heard.

Along with dedicated support from our staff, students can also benefit from our unique tailored education. We are privileged to have the luxury of adapting the National Curriculum to each student’s needs and strengths, whether it be academic, creative, sporting, or other interests. We firmly believe that by allowing the children to blossom individually, we can inspire them to become life-long learners.

Assessment and support are an important part of our ethos. Through regular assessments, reviews, and meetings with students, we promise to identify gaps in learning and work with them to understand and grow. Parents are a key part of our students’ development, and we work closely with parents to keep them abreast of all development, concerns, and triumphs.

Behind the scenes, our ‘Curriculum Review Panel’ meets weekly to discuss teaching and learning, assessment, differentiation, marking, intervention, the curriculum and the children. The purpose of this panel is to openly voice staff opinions and ideas to continuously improve the high standards across the school.


Producing Consistently Excellent Results

All our students are professionally assessed using different learning styles to understand their strengths and weaknesses allowing us to deliver a highly personalised approach to individual education. This understanding of learning difference sets us apart as we tailor education to maximise each student’s academic potential.

We are proud of every student who calls Moorland, home and we believe our non-selective approach allows us to help students from all walks of life attain excellence.

The recipe to success
  • Regularly achieves GCSE grades that place the school within the top 1% of regional and national GCSE results.
  • Value-Added Scores often outperform that of Grammar Schools.
  • All of our teachers are qualified specialists in their subject areas.
  • Our curriculum and children’s progress is regularly monitored, evaluated and assessed by our dedicated Curriculum Review Panel.
  • Our experienced staff hold a vast range of qualifications including subject-specific degrees, PGCEs, NASENCO (National Award for SEN Coordination) and even a Doctorate.

The Ability to Achieve the Dream through Hard Work

teacher and student laughing

Moorland is academically non-selective, as we select students based on their behaviour which allows us to create a conducive learning environment for all of our learners. This means that every student at Moorland can happily achieve their full social, emotional and academic potentials in confidence.

Our day students and boarders all learn and develop together. This unique space creates a mix of cultures, beliefs, and ideas where students work hard to reach their goals. Our value-added teaching is second to none as we help students, regardless of background, find their strengths and improve their performance and confidence.

Additionally, we run Private Tuition classes after school, four days a week. These classes follow our aim of providing individualised learning through personal targets for each child which are realistic and achievable. These targets are reviewed often and new targets are set when necessary.

Our education team and pastoral team, from Junior School to 6th Form, offer support and guidance during the school week, weekend, and after-hours to help students grow in confidence and reach their full potential.

Admission Tour

Book a Guided Visit to the School

Moorland School front view

At Moorland, we operate on an ‘open door’ policy in regards to parental visits. We understand that your child’s education is an extremely important decision, so we aim to offer an opportunity in which you can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Our Admissions Manager is on hand to arrange these visits and personally guide you around our campus; ensuring any questions you may have are answered and you leave Moorland understanding our ethos and the education we can offer.


Apply for Admission at Moorland School

Moorland is revered around the world for its culturally diverse classes and exceptional academic achievements. We deliver a high quality education spanning all age groups, including our specialisation for international football and ballet.

Knowing that Moorland Private School is the correct education for your child should be an easy decision and our Management team will be on hand to ensure the transition to our school is a smooth, simple and happy process.