Moorland Junior School

At Moorland Juniors, we are passionate about recognising each child’s strengths and supporting them so that they are able to reach their full potential. Our children feel safe and secure in their school environment, meaning that they are eager to learn with our dedicated teaching team. 

We provide individualised learning for each child through our tailored curriculum, based on children’s interests and in line with the national framework.

Moorland Juniors endeavour to ensure all pupils within our care see school not only as a place to learn but also as a place to make life long memories with friendships that will last a life time. For example, a snow day will most definitely be a snow day and the children will be wrapped up warm, having fun in the snow followed by hot chocolate and a movie indoors.

We make the most of our picturesque surroundings and take as much of our learning outdoors as possible, this is fully evident in our Forest School area and our new outdoor classroom.

Our approachable and easy going staff team create the perfect environment for all parents and children to feel valued members of our Moorland Family.

The most effective teaching in the Junior School asks, “what if?”, and uses the school’s extensive natural environment to effectively develop younger pupils’ ability to analyse, hypothesise and synthesise information.

“The school provides a haven in which the consistency of the classroom behaviour can be assured, and which unimpeded they can test the school’s motto that labor omnia vincit; work conquers all.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Our Ethos

Ensuring your child comes home from school happy

Moorland Junior School’s overarching aim is to ensure all children return home from school, on each and every day, feeling happy.

We believe happiness is the key to success.  Furthermore, we believe a number of key principles must be in place within our school setting, in order for a child to achieve true happiness.

These principles include;

  • A safe and secure learning environment.
  • Clear, fair and consistent boundaries and expectations.
  • Praise and positivity.
  • The confidence in being able to make and learn from mistakes.
  • Care and understanding.
  • Love, laughter and friendship.

Moorland is a small, family school. The staff team teach the children to love, respect and forgive.  This results in our children building the foundations for firm friendships, that will last a lifetime.

The unique size of our Junior School enables the staff team to understand and support each individual child in their pastoral growth and development.  This being; making positive choices, building their self-confidences, understanding and managing their feelings and developing their independence.

Warmth, care, support and kindness is a key attribute of each and every one of my Junior teaching team.  These qualities ensure all children develop the confidences to grow socially, emotionally and academically during their informative years, which in turn, provides them with a head start for the challenges they will face in today’s pressured society.
Mr Jonathan Harrison


Our Values

Honesty – Respect – Decency

British values run through the heart of all that we do.  At Moorland School, pupils are taught and supported in demonstrating the value and importance of honesty, respect and decency, as we aim to produce well-rounded, responsible and hard-working individuals.

Children are taught that honesty is the best policy.  Although young children do struggle to be entirely truthful, we support children in overcoming this obstacle by listening and understanding and being fair and reasonable.  In having this approach, our children feel supported, even when their actions have been wrong, and in time, they develop the quality of honesty and integrity.

Throughout all aspects of our Junior School life children are encouraged to share their own thoughts, feelings and preferences, whilst others are taught to be respectful, even if they do not necessarily share the same viewpoint.  We teach our children to be open-minded, considerate and accepting.  An attitude of healthy mutual respect is evident throughout our Junior School.

Our Aims

To ensure every child achieves their true potential

Every child is an individual, and as such, learning is their own unique and personal journey.  Moorland Junior School believe in tailoring the Curriculum around each individual child.

Our teaching team have a responsibility to identify the type of learner a child is, recognise and extend children’s individual strengths and talents and act and intervene upon areas requiring support and improvement.

Once we have this complete understanding of every child, lesson plans, resources and teaching methods for each subject area can be tailored, to ensure all children, confidently achieve the learning objective of every lesson.

The Junior team believe, each child will adopt a life-long love of learning if the Curriculum is tailored around their individual academic needs whilst ensuring it is creative and challenging yet still achievable.  By empowering every child to achieve their own potential they will grow into confident adults ready to shape their own and others’ futures.

Our Promise

Challenge and Inspire to Flourish

We will INSPIRE every child to:

  • To develop a life-long love of learning, through providing an exciting, ever-evolving curriculum which meets their individual needs and interests.
  • Through the provision of a welcoming and positive school environment which is conducive to high-quality learning.
  • To enable children to explore and be imaginative, creative thinkers.
  • By caring for and nurturing each individual child, so that they become reflective, thoughtful and respectful individuals.
  • By modelling desirable behaviour, conduct and personal presentation at all times and demonstrating a positive approach towards learning and each other.

We will CHALLENGE every child:

  • By encouraging an active, inquisitive approach to learning.
  • To open their minds and value the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • To develop their independence, innovation and individuality.
  • By encouraging all children to have high aspirations and enabling them to believe in their abilities and talents.
  • Through a personalised Curriculum.
  • By means of regular assessment and progress reviews to ensure all children are achieving, as a minimum, their expected targets.

We will support every child to FLOURISH:

  • By ensuring that all children are both supported and challenged in their learning, with work being provided that enables them to make good, secure progress.
  • By creating an environment where the skills of every child are allowed to flourish and successes in all areas are celebrated.
  • By ensuring each child, comes home from school happy.
Our Junior School is a high performing, vibrant and dynamic environment where children are challenged and encouraged to flourish, this is inspired by high-quality teaching. We aim to ensure that the barriers to learning are removed, so that every pupil in our school can reach their full potential.
Mr Jonathan Harrison



Life at Moorland International Boarding School


Our son Tiaan has been at Moorland Juniors since he started in reception. He can’t wait to get to school in the mornings…he loves it and so do His friends. His class is smaller than in any other local school and he has the space to grow in his confidence and ability because of this. His teachers have stimulated his love for maths and he takes pride in the work he does in class. Moorland creates an environment where children can be children. There is a feel of freedom and exploration. They play and learn outside as part of Forest School and they have the desire to learn, rather than feeling they ‘have to’. Tiaan definitely sees Moorland as an extension of his family and he is a very happy boy.

Jane Viljoen Junior Parent

From the moment our eldest daughter attended her taster sessions at Moorland School, we were all hooked! She felt immediately welcomed by both the pupils and the teaching staff. Fast forward a year and half and she is thriving. Moorland is honestly like a family, the way the days are constructed to balance the right amount of learning with social and life skills is amazing and every day she can’t wait to go and comes home with a huge smile on her face full of stories about the day – this ranges from what she’s learned academically to the myriad of clubs she can attend. The teaching staff are simply wonderful and they create an amazing atmosphere for the children, which also extends to the parents – they are always willing to answer any questions you have, no matter what these are.

Joanne and Steve Carlin Junior Parents

Moorland is like a second family to me. They help me make friends for life. The staff especially the teachers and house parents always know when something is wrong and they will do their best to help me.

Chloe Green Boarding Pupil

My four children aged 8, 8, 4 and 3 all attend Moorland School, Preschool and Nursery respectively. When my husband and I visited the school for the first time, we were struck by the affection the children showed to their teachers. The nursery, pre-school and juniors have a warm and easy going atmosphere. The atmosphere the children enjoy is very much a home from home experience. Teachers are empathetic and approachable, friendships are nurtured alongside gentle discipline and children are given appropriate responsibilities and strive to meet their teacher’s expectations of good behaviour. Children’s thoughts and opinions are listened to and respected, and self-directed learning is encouraged. They are not overburdened with homework and an emphasis on learning through play is fostered before age 7. My children have thrived and blossomed at Moorland, and I doubt I can find another school locally which can match Moorland in terms of facilitating a love for learning and creating that family atmosphere in the classroom.

Iona Connor Junior School Mother

Thank you so much for these last 7 months. Abe absolutely loves Moorland and this isn’t just because of the football. The whole school have played a massive part in helping Abe to feel safe, cared for and confident at the school. He’s a shy and sensitive boy and we know as parents that even though he loves football, if he didn’t like the school and his class teacher that he wouldn’t be happy and wouldn’t settle. So thank you for providing creative and interesting lessons, for the fun that the teachers have with the children and for the care and genuine love for them.

Janet Butler  Junior School Mother

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