About Moorland

Moorland School was established circa 1920 as a leading co-educational day and boarding school.  Our academic results at GCSE; BTEC and A-Level, places Moorland School within the top 1% of all British academic institutions (100% A-Level pass rate A to B grades 2016).

Moorland School is a highly competitive and commercially realistic organisation, where pupils are taught traditionally to become decent; hard working; respectful; pleasant and caring individuals, in preparation for the demands of adulthood and their working lives.

The Moorland Football Academy affords all students unrivalled football coaching of the highest level, whilst exposing players to Academy scouts on a regular basis.  Moorland School are proud to be current ESFA National Champions and Lancashire Cup Regional Champions 2018.  We currently have signed boys at Manchester City, Manchester United, Blackburn Rovers, Blackpool and Accrington Stanley.

Moorland School also boasts the internationally renowned Moorland Ballet Academy.   Lynsey and Simon Kidd, Royal Ballet trained, nurture and develop our current outstanding dancing talent.  Recently one of our graduates, Paige Bestington, has been professionally signed to the world famous Mariinsky Theatre (Russia).

The parents are highly satisfied with the education and support provided for their children.

Responses to the parents’ pre-inspection questionnaires show an exceptionally high level of support for almost all aspects of the work of the school, all of which were confirmed by the inspection findings.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

The pupils’ behaviour, both in lessons and around the school, is exemplary.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

All children are CAT scored (Cognitive Abilities Test) and academically assessed on arrival to ensure that our and parental expectations are realistically set. This policy along with exceptionally small class sizes allows my teaching team to create the perfect learning environment.

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Our Culture and Ethos

‘Who We Are’

Our Culture

Moorland School has a strong tradition and reputation for academic excellence, high achievement in sporting competitions and for providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

With a long history of succeeding at the highest level, Moorland School achieves these standards by valuing every individual and ensuring that their potential is realised.

Small class sizes, capped significantly lower than most other schools, allow us to offer close tuition for each student.

Every need is detected and served as opposed to being in an overcrowded environment where students can become lost amongst others.  Indeed, all of our students benefit from having teachers that make every child feel valued and feeling a sense of belonging to a school where all enjoy their education without barriers.

At Moorland, we regard ourselves as one big family. In essence, we believe the Moorland School family has a unique spirit with a sense of belonging and seeks to develop this each and every day.

Our Ethos

When you make your first visit to Moorland School you immediately get a sense that it is more than just a school. The beautiful grounds and impressive facilities see to that, as does the real sense of purpose among every pupil and member of staff you meet.

Moorland is a non-selective, co-educational school which teaches a combination of day pupils from within the Lancashire area and the Ribble Valley locality, along with students from across the UK and overseas.  Our student intake has always been broad since we offer more than simply academic excellence.

Our main admissions criteria centre on favourable school reports, good behaviour, a positive outlook and a willingness to learn.

Many of our boarders come from forces families or have parents who work or travel abroad. In addition, Moorland also has a growing contingent of international students from every corner of the globe, broadening their horizons through an English education. It all adds up to a perfect blend, where each individual is celebrated in equal measure.

Labor Omnia Vincit – Work Conquers All


Life at Moorland International Boarding School


Our son Tiaan has been at Moorland Juniors since he started in reception. He can’t wait to get to school in the mornings…he loves it and so do His friends. His class is smaller than in any other local school and he has the space to grow in his confidence and ability because of this. His teachers have stimulated his love for maths and he takes pride in the work he does in class.

Moorland creates an environment where children can be children. There is a feel of freedom and exploration. They play and learn outside as part of Forest School and they have the desire to learn, rather than feeling they ‘have to’. Tiaan definitely sees Moorland as an extension of his family and he is a very happy boy.

Jane Viljoen Junior Parent

From the moment our eldest daughter attended her taster sessions at Moorland School, we were all hooked! She felt immediately welcomed by both the pupils and the teaching staff. Fast forward a year and half and she is thriving.

Moorland is honestly like a family, the way the days are constructed to balance the right amount of learning with social and life skills is amazing and every day she can’t wait to go and comes home with a huge smile on her face full of stories about the day – this ranges from what she’s learned academically to the myriad of clubs she can attend. The teaching staff are simply wonderful and they create an amazing atmosphere for the children, which also extends to the parents – they are always willing to answer any questions you have, no matter what these are.

Joanne and Steve Carlin Junior Parents

Being a military family, we have moved around a lot at the cost of our children’s education. Being part of the moorland family has seen our child grow from strength to strength not just educationally but personally as well. For the first time she is settled and is enjoying school and making friends that will last a life time.

The decision to send our children to boarding school was not a decision we took lightly, but as each day pasts and we see her grow and enjoy every element of Moorland life, From the unique teaching styles, extra-curricular clubs, evening events in the boarding house and the fun packed weekend trips we know we made the right decision in choosing Moorland School.

Vicky and Scott Green Military Parents

Moorland is like a second family to me. They help me make friends for life. The staff especially the teachers and house parents always know when something is wrong and they will do their best to help me.

Chloe Green Boarding Pupil

My four children aged 8, 8, 4 and 3 all attend Moorland School, Preschool and Nursery respectively. When my husband and I visited the school for the first time, we were struck by the affection the children showed to their teachers. The nursery, pre-school and juniors have a warm and easy going atmosphere. The atmosphere the children enjoy is very much a home from home experience. Teachers are empathetic and approachable, friendships are nurtured alongside gentle discipline and children are given appropriate responsibilities and strive to meet their teacher’s expectations of good behaviour. Children’s thoughts and opinions are listened to and respected, and self-directed learning is encouraged. They are not overburdened with homework and an emphasis on learning through play is fostered before age 7.

My children have thrived and blossomed at Moorland, and I doubt I can find another school locally which can match Moorland in terms of facilitating a love for learning and creating that family atmosphere in the classroom.

Iona Connor Junior School Mother

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