Our Stages

Early Years

Our Baby Room

Nurturing babies from three months.

Our newly developed Baby Room has been designed in a way to bring our beautiful outdoors, in. With floor to ceiling glass, our babies can enjoy natural light and throughout the seasons our beautiful colour changing grounds.

We recognise the need to capture each individual home routine and emulate this within the Nursery setting.  We work hard to ensure the transition from Parent to Nursery is as smooth, content and successful as possible.

Our Baby Room undoubtedly boasts a quiet and tranquil atmosphere enabling our babies to quickly settle upon arrival and eat, rest and play at their own leisure.

As our babies are our most vulnerable during sleep times our babies have their own private sleep room, attached to their main play room enabling them to rest in complete peace.  All babies under 12 months of age sleep on an angel care breathing sensor mat for their safety and your peace of mind.

Alongside maintaining routines, our babies also enjoy high quality learning experiences, both indoors and out, supported by their Key Worker.

We love to take our babies out on a daily basis in their prams, enjoying our beautiful greenery, in the comfort and knowledge of being safe and secure within our own grounds.

Staff are very effective practitioners, who are totally committed to the learning and welfare needs of the children.
Independent Schools Inspectorate

Early Years

Our Toddler Room

For our little explorers aged 12 to 24 months.

Once steady on their feet, our babies quickly turn into our little explorers!  Toddlers love to discover new things and their curiosity always gets the better of them!

Our Toddler environment enables and supports our children in developing their own unique little personalities, thoughts and preferences.

Our highly trained staff team create opportunities and activities both indoors and out which encourages our Toddlers to freely explore new learning opportunities and concepts.

Our little explorers enjoy a newly developed spacious free play area which hosts a range of play and learning opportunities including Messy play, Sand & Water play, Music & Sensory play, Physical play, Storytime, Small world & Construction and Role Play.

Again, the Toddler environment benefits from floor to ceiling glass, providing calming and natural surroundings whilst our children are busy in their play.

Our Toddlers also enjoy exploring our great outdoors and benefit from their own private garden.  Our daily nature walks and outdoor play is often not alone – our Toddlers love to spot the rabbits, squirrels, hedgehogs, birds and often deers nestled within our beautiful grounds.

After all their hard work and play, our Toddlers can rest peacefully in their designated sleep room which is always accompanied by a staff member to ensure they sleep comfortably and safely.

The superb learning environment is fully inclusive, safe and secure with high quality resources for children to use

Early Years

Our Nursery Room

It’s terrific being 2!

Being two is when children really step into their own!

Their learning and development takes a huge leap to the next level whereby children begin to play and explore whilst combining many skills, concepts and ideas along with mastering the art of language and communication.

Our vibrant and richly resourced two to three-year-old environment enables our children to freely play and learn in an active and busy indoor environment which has been newly designed to purposefully support independent learning.

The bustle of this active room is beautifully complemented by our two to three-year olds natural and calming private garden for which they can freely access.

Being two means to means to conquer so many new milestones; toilet training, constructing sentences, taking turns and playing co-operatively together to name but a few.  Our superb staff are highly skilled in providing opportunities combined with positive praise and encouragement and a high impact environment to enable our children to become independent learners in preparation for stepping into Pre-School.

Overall, children play and learn in a highly beneficial environment that develops excellent attitudes to learning and encourages all to become active and interesting learners.

Early Years

Our Pre-School

Ensuring our children are ‘School Ready’

Our self-contained Pre-School environment prides itself on providing children with a wealth of experiences and opportunities which are led by our highly skilled and qualified Pre-School team, inclusive of a Primary School Teacher and an Early Years Teacher both of whom are supported by experienced Nursery Nurses.

The Pre-School Unit excels in ensuring children receive a head start in their school life, the Pre-School day resembles the structure of that of a Primary School day whereby children enjoy the early implementation of Registration, Phonics, Early Reading, Literacy and Numeracy.  Such early implementation is cleverly disguised as learning through play, investigation and exploration due to the exemplary teaching methods and techniques held by our Pre-School staff team.

Children actively and independently engage in all areas of the Early Years Curriculum both indoors and outside in their private garden.  The team also ensures opportunities for physical, spiritual and moral growth as well as intellectually preparing your child for reception class. Praising achievement and effort in all areas of learning, with a courteous manner at all times, helps to promote a child’s self-esteem and sense of pride.

It is during the Pre-School years that we start to see lifelong firm friendships begin to blossom.  Children develop an understanding of themselves and also the needs and feelings of others.  It is important to us at Moorland Nursery that we support our children in forming strong bonds and positive memories that will last our children a lifetime!

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’

Our qualified staff team continuously observe, plan and prepare activities for each individual child to ensure their needs are met, their minds are stimulated and they achieve their true potential.

This is continuous cycle is completed in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum  Framework whilst recognising and respecting every child as an individual and ensuring their daily tasks, routine, experiences and opportunities support them on their personal journey, pushing their boundaries to ensure they socially and academically succeed.

Our staff know our children extremely well, they are highly trained at ensuring they teach the necessary skills and concepts required at each age and stage of development in a way that is tailored to each child’s individual interests.

This method of teaching combined with support, encouragement, praise and positivity ensures our children make excellent progress.

Our Forest School Approach

Learning at Moorland goes beyond the walls!

All the children of Moorland Nursery School can enjoy daily access to our Forest School sessions.

Our Forest School is set in a beautiful and natural environment where we aim to bring out the creative and imaginative side of our children and to inspire a sense of wonder and reverence for nature and the great outdoors whilst also encouraging and supporting risk play.

During our Forest School sessions our children go for woodland walks and picnics, jump in puddles, chase butterflies and clamber over fallen branches, make sand castles, mud pies and imaginative potions, smell flowers, rain and damp leaves, listen to the birds’ song, the cracking of frost and ice and the wind howling through the trees.

They grow vegetables and flowers, learn campfire skills, prepare and watch their food being cooked. They feel at one with nature, free to explore and most importantly to be themselves – whatever the weather!

Our wonderful Forest School team create all these wonderful opportunities and experiences whilst still managing to incorporate all the knowledge and skills taught within the Nursery and classroom walls!

Our Extra Curricular Approach to Learning

‘Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements.’

Alongside our indoor and outdoor learning environments, the children of Moorland Nursery School also enjoy access to extra-curricular activities.  Such activities include Performing Arts lessons, Gymnastics and Trampolining Lessons, Languages taught through Music and Movement, Mini Football Skills and techniques designed to develop strength, balance and co-ordination and coming soon will be Ballet, Dance and Tap.

We believe, exposure to a variety of different extra-curricular activities, provides our children with new energies, skills, challenges and in turn accomplishments.


Life at Moorland International Boarding School


My son started going to Moorlands nursery in February this year, he was only 10 months old. And hand on heart, I couldn’t ask for a better place to leave my little man. The staff have always made me feel so relaxed leaving him in their care. They are wonderful; I cannot praise them enough for all their continuing work they do for him. His development is amazing, and I put a lot of that down to the staff and the environment that he goes to. Hands down he will stay there and hopefully continue into the school if the nursery has anything to go by my son will have a very good time at Moorlands school too. 

I can only say thank you to them. Even though it never feels enough words to say how I feel.

Julie Dowson

My Daughter started in the 2-3 room and is now ready to leave Pre-School. The care that the staff have given has been exceptional.

In all her areas of development she has progressed massively, and I can only think that this is down to the careful planning for each individual child.

My child being able to access gymnastic sessions and being able to participate in Bilinguasing has been one of the many highlights of bringing my child to Moorland. I can’t thank the staff team enough for all that they do.

Jennifer Allen

We couldn’t be happier with Moorland Nursery! The staff are brilliant and our little boy loves it! He is happy and settled and coming on leaps and bounds in their fantastic care!

Amy Naylor-Frizzell

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