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Let Adam Wharton Step Up Gareth!

An Open Letter to Gareth Southgate

Dear Gareth Southgate,

We understand that you read our blog posts on a regular basis and use our knowledge to progress your team selection, formations and close-touch plays. Understandably, you take great notice as we are the current U12 & U16 ESFA National Champions!!!

So Gareth, please take careful note over the following information…

Your previous 2 Euro ’24 games have been pants… lacklustre performances with no team cohesion or control. Thankfully, we have 4 points, but that could easily have been 0!!

So, for your upcoming game against Slovenia may we suggest that you give Adam Wharton an opportunity to steady the ship. As you have seen already this season, Adam will control the midfield, keep the ball, play 100% of pass completions and offer progressive opportunity to split defences and destroy the defensive line.

Thank you for reading this Gareth, we know that you’ll do the right thing…

Take a look here Gareth for more information,

Yours sincerely, Moorland Football Academy.