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Qingdao Jiaozhou Immersion Group Visit

Qingdao Jiaozhou immersion trip at Moorland School

A group of 52 students and teachers from Qingdao Jiaozhou No. 6 Experimental Primary School visited Moorland Private School in the UK for a two-week exchange program. During this time, they experienced the unique British teaching methods and atmosphere, exchanging educational and learning approaches with local teachers and students, and gaining a deeper understanding of the advantages of the British education system.

During the program, the teachers and students toured world-renowned universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Manchester, where they immersed themselves in the rich academic atmosphere. They also listened to current students share their experiences and daily life at Oxford and Cambridge.

As the capital of the UK and a world-famous city, London captivated the group with its long history and vibrant culture. In London, they visited royal landmarks such as Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, and Windsor Castle, watched the Royal Guard, and took a boat tour along the Thames River. Additionally, they visited the Greenwich Observatory (Prime Meridian) and explored the picturesque medieval English village of Bibury.

These two weeks were both enriching and enjoyable. The teachers and students cherished this rare opportunity, making new discoveries each day. Through this visit, Moorland and Qingdao teachers and students alike have gained valuable insights into each other’s culture and enjoyed making new friends. We will strive to increase opportunities for further exchanges to strengthen our partnerships in Qingdao.