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Our Juniors & Infants Explored on Learning Walks

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On Thursday Moorland Junior School took the opportunity to take a ‘learning walk’ around our local town of Clitheroe.

During the circular walk the students learned about the local history of Clitheroe. Touching upon Clitheroe Castle, the three wells, influential historic buildings and many other facts they previously wouldn’t have known about our town. The students were also able to enjoy a socially distant visit to Clitheroe Market where they were able to chat to stall holders about the town, and were even able to enjoy some fresh local Apples kindly gifted by the Walker family who have a fruit and veg stall.

The students then travelled from the market, through the town centre and were able to visit Ribble Valley FM where Lee Roe has kindly agreed to set up the school’s first radio station; students will have the chance to interview staff, children and tell stories as part of their active curriculum.

Finally the students briefly visited Clitheroe Cricket Club at which Moorland School have been able to set up a new partnership. Moorland Private School are the new sponsor of the Arena here, contributing to exciting future developments. Whilst at the Cricket Club Mrs Peachey, took the opportunity to put the students newly learnt ‘radio interview’ skills to the test, asking children questions and allowing them to evaluate what they had learnt during the trip.

All this and still back in time for Lunch! 

It has been great to see the students so invested in learning about the local community and its history. As always, the students enthusiasm is infectious, just a small part of what makes the Moorland Family so special.

Not to be outdone, our Infant class also took advantage of the slightly better weather and went on an exploratory visit to Clitheroe Castle themselves! They spent the morning taking in the beauty of our local surroundings and learning about our environment. The infant children absolutely love learning in our local community environment and can’t wait for their next trip out!

To enquire about any available places within our Junior & Infant Schools, please give us a call on 01200 423 833 or contact our admissions team here.