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Exploring the River Ribble, Clitheroe – Junior Day Out

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Moorland School’s Juniors enjoyed an excellent trip in the great outdoors. They spent time learning about our local river, The River Ribble, luckily for us, the river is situated right next door to the school!

Miss Walberg led the walk on the breezy sunny day, she focused on teaching the children about the features of the rivers and how they come to be formed. Focusing on the features of a river, the children took the time to study the environment, then produced artwork based on what they saw. With many of the children producing drawings focused on the surrounding environment and others focusing on the more intricate parts of the river formation.

Following the outdoor trip, the children then learn more about rivers and the formation from the classroom. They were also taught about the 3 local bridges nearby to the school. Brungerly, Edisford & West Bradford bridges were all discussed in assembly the following day. To finish off the experience, the children then decorated some collected pebbles and rocks from the river, taking inspiration from the visual awe of the great outdoors.

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