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Pastoral Care

Happy & Confident Students

A Caring & Nurturing Environment

Moorland’s unique familial approach promotes friendship, respect and understanding. We have a zero-bullying policy and safeguard our students throughout their entire educational journey.

Our school is non-selective. We enrol children based upon their behaviour. This policy allows us to create a conducive learning environment where all our students can feel confident and achieve their full social, emotional and academic potentials.

Our educators, support staff, and the pastoral team all believe in and carry out our zero-tolerance policy to poor behaviour, learning disruption, and bullying in all its forms. We value students’ happiness above all else. Our teams work tirelessly to make sure students always feel heard.

Living & Learning

Our campus is home to several dedicated teaching buildings that live in harmony with our academies and boarding houses. The education we deliver always takes priority with small classes, considered curriculums and excellent learning spaces.

nursery play room

Friendships that last a Lifetime

Our Academy has access to our indoor 4G training pitch all year round, ensuring our students can train day/night, rain or shine. We also regularly make use of our partnership with Brockhall, the Blackburn Rovers Academy.

Unparalleled Levels of Care

Our campus is also home to our specially built dance studio. With an excellently sized space and performance stage, parents are regularly invited to view performances of both classical and contemporary ballet.

Student Wellbeing

Focused on Nurturing Through Education

We’re not just proud of our teachers’ experience, but also their caring, patient and professional approach. Our staff love what they do. Every aspect of school life is focused on nurturing through education. Our small class sizes, bespoke learning programmes, and incredible support staff ensure that students always have someone to turn to; be it for help with schoolwork, everyday tasks, or social advice.

Our curriculum and individual progress are regularly monitored, evaluated and assessed by our dedicated Curriculum Review Panel. This panel holds a vast range of qualifications, including subject-specific degrees, PGCEs, NASENCo (National Award for SEN Coordination) and a Doctorate. We bring all these qualifications, experience, and understanding together to help create the perfect learning environment.

Support Whilst Learning

A Rich Network of Staff Supporting Our Students

From our teachers and teaching assistants, to the dedicated pastoral team; our students receive education and support that goes beyond just the classroom. Moorland’s staff teach students respect, for themselves and one another, and promote thoughtful, independent development. This success is all thanks to the support structure in place at our school.

This support structure features several bodies and protocols including, our Inclusive Learning Team, Individual Learning Passports, Gifted and Talented Programme and more.

Enjoying School

Ensuring All our Students Love Their Education

The only way to make sure every student excels is to tailor education to their strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Our smaller class sizes, Individual Learning Passports, and flexible subject combination allow students to make the education system work for them.

Our staff regularly review and adapt the curriculum to address any gaps in learning and further finetune the syllabus to help our students reach their full potential. This approach is supported by a rich, nurturing environment.

Educating a child requires a healthy relationship between parents and educators. All of our decisions are made with transparency and consideration. Our staff communicate with parents directly and updates are sent out daily on various platforms. This makes Moorland an extension of the home.

Dietry & Nutritional Considerations

Tailored Menus & Cultural Cuisine

Nutrition is a key part of any child’s development. Our amazing chef develops nutritious, interesting menus that keep students invigorated for all their lessons, training sessions, and extramural activities. Students are given several meals during the day and the pastoral team regularly meets with students to discuss the menu. These meetings cover what students would like to eat and where we can find alternative recipes. Where allergies or intolerances exist, the chef will try to make sure students receive a similar meal so that everyone feels included.

An important part of making our school home is to understand all cultures. We incorporate ‘tastes of home’ to make students feel more comfortable and even have days dedicated to different cuisines around the globe.

food in pan
Admission Tour

Book a Guided Visit to the School

Moorland School front view

At Moorland, we operate on an ‘open door’ policy in regards to parental visits. We understand that your child’s education is an extremely important decision, so we aim to offer an opportunity in which you can witness the quality of the teaching and learning that takes place at our school.

Our Admissions Manager is on hand to arrange these visits and personally guide you around our campus; ensuring any questions you may have are answered and you leave Moorland understanding our ethos and the education we can offer.


Apply for Admission at Moorland School

Moorland is revered around the world for its culturally diverse classes and exceptional academic achievements. We deliver a high quality education spanning all age groups, including our specialisation for international football and ballet.

Knowing that Moorland Private School is the correct education for your child should be an easy decision and our Management team will be on hand to ensure the transition to our school is a smooth, simple and happy process.