Sibling success at Moorland International Ballet Academy

by Feb 6, 2020

Students and teachers are celebrating the success of brother and sister, Oisin and Eile Middleton, as they prepare for upcoming exams.

The brother and sister dancing duo are both dedicated to continued development, artistry and pursuing professional Ballet careers. Along with healthy sibling rivalry they have also shown excellent teamwork and talent during their training at Moorland International Ballet Academy.

Oisin, 16, and Eile, 13, recently performed together at YAPG in Paris and are soon undertaking very important Ballet exams. The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Exams are accredited with UCAS points and are concerned with progressive mastery in defined stages. With the help and guidance of the expert teachers at Moorland, combined with their individual talent, the whole school is proud to be part of their journey.

Simon Kidd, Director at Moorland Ballet, praised the two students for their hard work ethic:

“It is very rewarding to teach such talented students. There are some famous siblings within the industry, and they may well enjoy sharing a stage professionally in the future. Oisin and Eile are very hard-working students and it is a pleasure to watch them grow in confidence and ability throughout their time at Moorland International Ballet Academy.”