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“Welcome to our Moorland Family, and to our website.”

This website has been created to give parents and carers a brief synopsis, ‘flavour’ of the offerings and facilities that are available to our pupils.

Please note that various school prospectuses can be viewed within the Moorland website, or alternatively hard copies can be requested via our Admissions Manager, Mr Carl Lightbown.

“Our ethos at Moorland School is to create a caring; nurturing; warm; and family atmosphere, where all children and young adults can achieve their true academic and social potentials in confidence.

This atmosphere is created and supported by selecting students based upon their behaviour, as we believe through our experiences that small class sizes; excellent behaviour, and patient; dedicated and caring teachers and support staff, combined with parental support creates the perfect partnership and recipe for success”

Moorland School was established as a coeducational day and boarding school nearly 100 years ago, and has been considered as one of the leading schools within the UK, and our academic results both at GCSE; BTEC and at A-Level, places Moorland School within the top 1% of all British academic institutions, 100% A* to B at A-Level in 2016. Placing it at the top of the league table.

Moorland Boarding School is a highly competitive and commercially realistic organisation, where pupils are taught traditionally to become decent; hardworking; respectful; pleasant and caring individuals, in preparation for the demands of adult and working lives. This is then enforced through full time boarding facilities.

Mr Harrison was himself once a pupil at Moorland School, and the vast majority of our parents have his direct mobile phone number; and he can be contacted outside of school hours; weekends and during school closures, and many parents feel comfortable calling him Jonathan.

“My job is very simple, I am the extension of your family, the caretaker. My responsibility is to ensure that your children are happy; confident; well educated and socially prepared for the demands of adult life. I work in partnership with you to achieve the very best outcomes for our children, and my team and I work tirelessly hard to meet parental expectations, thus ensuring confidences and relationships are maintained.”


My son started going to Moorlands nursery in February this year, he was only 10 months old. And hand on heart, I couldn’t ask for a better place to leave my little man. The staff have always made me feel so relaxed leaving him in their care. They are wonderful; I cannot praise them enough for all their continuing work they do for him. His development is amazing, and I put a lot of that down to the staff and the environment that he goes to. Hands down he will stay there and hopefully continue into the school if the nursery has anything to go by my son will have a very good time at Moorlands school too.”“I can only say thank you to them. Even though it never feels enough words to say how I feel.

Julie Dowson

Our son Tiaan has been at Moorland Juniors since he started in reception. He can't wait to get to school in the mornings...he loves it and so do his friends. His class is smaller than in any other local school and he has the space to grow in his confidence and ability because of this. His teachers have stimulated his love for maths and he takes pride in the work he does in class.

Moorland creates an environment where children can be children. There is a feel of freedom and exploration. They play and learn outside as part of Forest School and they have the desire to learn, rather than feeling they 'have to'. Tiaan definitely sees Moorland as an extension of his family and he is a very happy boy.

Jane Viljoen

Right from the start, Moorlands School was the right choice for our children. My daughter and my son joined Moorland in 2007.

They are happy when they go to school and they are happy when they come home, therefore they are achieving great results and we are very proud of them.

Pastoral care is embedded within the School and all the pupils' needs are carefully accounted for. Communication is way beyond what we would normally expect, we have direct email addresses to all teaching and admin staff, giving us 24/7 access to the School.

We feel an important part of the Moorland Family and they are an important part of ours, and as a consequence we are very proud to be raising outstanding children with good hearts.

The Burby Family

From the beginning of identifying a boarding school for both our children, not only have they flourished academically, with the help and assistance of all teachers and the pastoral staff they’ve helped to nurture them to become successful, polite and confident young children.  The pastoral care is second to none, living approx. 3000 miles away this is reassuring to know that their well-being is just as important as the academic side of things.  We as parents would happily encourage parents if looking for a private education for their children to look no further than Moorland School.

The Branch Family

Thank you so much for these last 7 months. Abe absolutely loves Moorland and this isn't just because of the football. The whole school have played a massive part in helping Abe to feel safe, cared for and confident at the school. He's a shy and sensitive boy and we know as parents that even though he loves football, if he didn't like the school and his class teacher that he wouldn't be happy and wouldn't settle. So thank you for providing creative and interesting lessons, for the fun that the teachers have with the children and for the care and genuine love for them.

Janet Butler

Our children started their Moorland journey 7 years ago, and it has proved to be the best move we could have made.  Both Dominic and Gabrielle were made to feel right at home from day one.

We have seen the School go from strength to strength, whilst not losing the ‘family’ feel and their core values. Dominic achieved 11 GCSEs at Grade C and above, way above what previous schools were telling us he was capable of.

Gabrielle still attends Moorland, and we continue to see her flourish with the support of the caring teaching team and school staff.  Gabrielle is encouraged by her teachers, and afforded their complete time, support and energy.  The latter helps her confidences in the social and academic sense.

As a family, it is paramount to know that your children are safe, happy and reaching their true potential.  At Moorland, we know that this is truly the case for our children.

The Cheetham Family

As a serving soldier in the British Armed forces school and home stability is always something my wife and I have strived to achieve for our two daughters; Moorland School has provided this and much more. I sent both of my daughters at a young age of 10/11 to Moorlands School while posted in Cyprus in 2010. Moorland school helped our girls make the physical journey home every half term and the metaphorical journey of living away from home and family whilst studying. The staff take up the role as a family member not just a house parent or head teacher providing an all-inclusive family atmosphere for children in their daily lives encouraging them to be the best they can be. The Head teacher Jonathan Harrison goes above and beyond to make sure every student is comfortable and at home here- with his office door open at any time for questions and advice.

My eldest has since moved on to Manchester University studying English, and youngest just finished her GCSE’s

Robert Delamar


Life at Moorland International Boarding School



Would you like to see for yourselves? Why not book a school tour or try out one of our taster weeks to get to really know us.

The Moorland International Academies

Our Leadership Team

We have an extremely qualified set of teachers in our Senior Leadership Team, which meet weekly and are jointly responsible for the entire operational leadership and management of Moorland School, and the members of this exceptionally well qualified and experienced team represent all regulatory areas of the business.

The Senior Leadership Team is led by the Head Teacher, Mr Jonathan Harrison. The other members of the SLT and their areas of responsibility are as follows:

Jonathan Harrison

Jonathan Harrison

& Proprietor

Hayley Mosscrop

Hayley Mosscrop

Office & Boarding Manager - DSP

Lou Harrison

Lou Harrison


Caisha Tyler

Caisha Tyler

Communications Manager

Kristy Jacks

Kristy Jacks

Head of

Deborah Frost

Deborah Frost

Assistant Headteacher

Sarah Booth

Sarah Booth


Carl Lightbown

Carl Lightbown

Admissions Manager

Labor Omnia Vincit – Work Conquers All

Moorland News

Our Location

Moorland School is located on the edge of the historic town of Clitheroe, best known for its 12th century Norman Castle Keep. It is within easy reach of Dunsop Bridge, officially declared the centre of the British Isles; the Forest of Bowland, offering some of the finest walking in the North West; and Pendle Hill, the areas most evocative landmark with its history of Lancashire witches.

In Clitheroe itself you will find a special selection of independent food stores, designer boutiques, wine merchants and other attractive shops as well as a contemporary craft gallery and museum.

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