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Winner and Finalists • Ballet Grand Prix Finals hosted in Dundee

Maddie, Winner of The Ballet Grand Prix Finals

Maddison Thew emerged victorious at the Ballet Grand Prix Finals hosted in Dundee. Alongside India Johnson and Hannah Shutt, Maddison advanced to the final round, where she clinched the top spot.

All participants showcased both Classical Ballet and contemporary solos on the captivating stage of the theatre space. This event served as a remarkable opportunity for dancers to enhance their performance skills and share their passion with an appreciative audience.

The Ballet Grand Prix, established in 2016 by Sindy Monson to champion young dancers in Scotland, has evolved into a global platform welcoming talent from across the globe. With a commitment to fostering educational growth, the competition aims to support dancers in their ongoing training endeavours.

Guided by Constance Devernay-Laurence and Sindy Monson, professionals from the dance community contribute to the Ballet Grand Prix as instructors, accompanists, and adjudicators. This collaborative effort provides a dynamic educational environment where emerging talents can flourish under the mentorship of seasoned practitioners.

A huge ‘Congratulations!’ to Maddie, India and Hannah. Absolutely paying off all of your hard work.