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Meet Joshua, a former Moorland Ballet Academy Student

Meet Joshua, a former Moorland Ballet Academy Student


Joshua attended Moorland Ballet Academy from 2018, graduating in 2023. His journey at Moorland School was characterised as exceptional with a number of remarkable achievements during his five years here.


A highlight of Joshua’s time at Moorland was his invitation to the Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) Final which was held in New York. He performed in the Grand Défilé Stars of Tomorrow Gala which captivated audiences and judges alike.

Further accolades followed in 2019 as Joshua earned a coveted scholarship to the European School of Ballet Winter School, highlighting his status as a rising star within the ballet industry. He also attended the esteemed Boston Ballet School, achieving a scholarship place which was then complimented by a full scholarship to the Boston Ballet Summer Intensive, already adding to Joshua’s impressive resume.


In 2022, Joshua was invited to perform at the prestigious Cecchetti Centenary Gala at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden and was also the ‘ballet face’ of the Move It Event in the same year. He also performed at the GradPro Awards, an event reserved for the most talented and promising dancers. He was awarded the Barbara Geoghegan and Jennifer Morgan Musicality Award at the Cecchetti Vocational Awards in 2022, another testament to his incredible talent.


Joshua graduated Moorland in 2023 and joined the prestigious Sarasota Ballet as a member of the corps de ballet highlighting his progression throughout his time at Moorland.


We sat down with Joshua and asked him a few questions about his journey and how Moorland Ballet Academy helped him thrive.

How did Moorland Ballet Academy help your ballet journey?

Moorland Ballet Academy helped me become the dancer who I am today. The school gave me the foundations I need to transition from academic life into the life of a professional ballet dancer. All the lessons that I received from the directors Lynsey and Simon Kidd as well as the Cecchetti training from Gillian Hurst helped me to develop my dancing to a standard which was good enough to help me secure a professional job with the Sarasota Ballet Company in Florida, USA!

I know that without all the love, care and attention from the teachers I would never have been able to go on to achieve what I have. I’m so eternally grateful for this.

What has happened since leaving Moorland?

Since leaving Moorland I have had my professional debut with the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. I performed in Johan Kobborg’s Salute for my debut which was a lovely and fun piece to perform. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful and talented reporters and choreographers, which is helping me expand my network of contacts and improve my dancing ability.

Would you recommend Moorland to other aspiring ballet dancers?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Moorland International Ballet Academy.  They gave me the platform I needed to excel and become the professional dancer that I am today. I really feel that I grew as a person and that Moorland was my home for five years. The friends I made are more like family and I know all our paths will keep crossing in the future.