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Net Zero Targets for a Green Future

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£250-million-pounds of Net Zero Investment


Moorland School’s Proprietor, Mr Jonathan Harrison has recently secured multiple investment partnerships, which has accumulated his control on over £250-million-pounds of green funding as the Managing Director of Green Shield Group, GSG.

 ‘As an educationalist and father, I share an enormous responsibility to ensure that our generation leave a legacy of knowledge, balanced with a safe, sustainable, clean and biodiverse planet, full of the wonders of the natural world for our children and future generations.

I intend to use this capital to support East Lancashire in achieving their net-zero targets and I welcome decarbonisation and funding conversations within our business community.’ Proprietor Jonathan Harrison

Jonathan is a Diamond Ambassador to the Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the North West Aerospace Alliance and his company, GSG, are already working with multiple organisations as their decarbonisation and funding partners.

Moorland School will shortly be announcing to the press, phase 1 of their own decarbonisation journey as they work towards their own Net Zero targets, which they have ambitiously set for 2025.

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