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Year 4 Study ‘Layers of the Earth’ and create exciting Puddings!

As part of the Rocks, Soils and Fossils topic, the Year 4 students went outside to think about what is under their feet. They discussed the different layers of the Earth – the crust, magma, outer core and inner core. They learnt about the depth and the consistency of each layer. The students learnt that the core is made of solid iron that is of similar temperature to the sun. Next, the students learnt how particles behave when under extreme pressure, and how this extreme pressure has caused this hot iron to behave as a solid. The heat from the inner core causes the rock around it to be completely liquified in the outer core. The next layer is the mantle – this is a mixture of molten and solid rock. It is magma that comes to the Earth’s surface when a volcano erupts. As we get nearer the Earth’s surface the rocks solidify and this becomes the Earth’s crust.

The students were then encouraged to create a representation of each layer of the Earth using edible materials to create their own edible ‘layers of the Earth’ pudding. We hope they enjoyed digging down through their layers of coconut, chocolate biscuits and coloured custard, telling everyone in the vicinity about each layer of the Earth as they ate through their delicious creation!