by May 16, 2019

Classical Ballet Director. Simon Kidd

From his experience working with leading choreographers and as a principal performer with the Northern Ballet, as well as being an international dance teacher, Simon has achieved great success throughout his career. Here we find out more about the Moorland Classical Ballet Director.

Having danced all of his life Mr Kidd has never, and could never, imagine life without dance. Growing up Simon worked hard to achieve success within the Ballet arena but always had one role that he aspired to play.

“Personally I always aspired to play Romeo. The role has a certain gravitas for male performers, it is a complex character and difficult role to play.”

Sure enough Mr Kidd realised his lifelong dream having played and toured the Romeo role internationally. It is one of many successes that Simon has had as a performer which also
include Puck (A Midsummer Nights Dream), Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Peter (Peter Pan), Mozart (Requiem) and many more.
It wasn’t long until Simon switched his attention to teaching with a view to inspiring the next generation of dancers to achieve their dreams.

“Having achieved and worked with so many leading individuals I find it hugely rewarding to pass on my skills and knowledge to the next generation.”

Since joining Moorland Simon has used his international knowledge to help many dancers into the world of ballet. Some performers travel with international companies whilst others choose to work in the ballet profession as choreographers or teachers.

One stand out graduate was Paige Bestington who, since leaving the Ballet school, has gone on to perform at the Mariinsky Theatre in Russia, dancing such roles as the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker Ballet. Paige puts her success down to the tuition that she received whilst at Moorland:

“Moorland International Ballet Academy is a great place to go to school. The teaching is a high quality standard which is very hard to find. Simon and Lynsey Kidd are some of the most supportive teachers I’ve ever met, and I feel so privileged to have spent my most important training years at school here.”
“The knowledge they have for not only ballet but the ballet world is incredible. They helped me understand life in a ballet company, auditions, travelling the world and everything else that is involved with dance. It was amazing to be so ready for the lifestyle as a result of their tuition. I wouldn’t be the dancer I am today both physically and mentally without the amazing team at moorlands!”
– Paige Bestington

Most recently, Simon was invited to adjudicate the Pacific International Ballet Competition alongside some of the biggest names in Ballet including Vladimir Malakhov, founder of Staatsballet Berlin and Xiomara Reyes of the American Ballet Theatre.

Over one week distinguished professionals from around the globe delivered masterclasses. Winners of the competitions were awarded scholarships to world-renowned ballet schools, as well as other dancers whose talents were recognised.

This prestigious event was a wonderful opportunity for Moorland to make themselves known. It has allowed us to find talent who will be joining us at the Moorland International Ballet Academy.
Simon’s vision for the school is to find more pupils to train with at Moorland International Ballet Academy; a unique and exceptional place for young dancers to receive an academic education alongside their dancing, ensuring that they have multiple pathways when they leave school.

Past pupil progression from the Ballet qualification at Moorland has included employment as a performer within the dance industry in Russia, Europe, UK, and the USA. Some pupils go onto teaching careers as a result of obtaining their teacher status whilst studying at Moorland.

By providing a flexible curriculum and timetable, children can experience a tailored education. Artists and technicians can train alongside each other in a caring and nurturing learning environment.

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