Moorland International Ballet Academy watch Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Swan Lake performance at the Lowry Theatre, Salford

by Mar 9, 2020

On Thursday 5th March, we went to see Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Swan Lake at the Lowry theatre and it was entrancing from beginning to end. Set to Tchaikovsky’s magical score and featuring absolutely stunning scenery (including a lake rippling in softly dappled moonlight), it was definitely an experience my friends and I will never forget.

The dancers all completely embodied their characters and drew us into the tragic story, with the corps de ballet perfectly in time and conveying the grace of swans. My favourite dancer was Odette/Odile performed by Miki Mizutani. In Act 2 she was just so beautiful and lyrical with a gorgeous arabesque, and in Act 3, she became a fiery black swan, with flawless fouettés that made the audience gasp as well as the Prince!

The highlight for me was Act 4, where the swans rose up from a blanket of mist and Odette and Prince Siegfried decide to break the curse and be reunited in love in the afterlife. It was such a poignant and emotional end, and although the dancers all had spectacular technique, they went beyond this and touched all of our souls.

It has definitely inspired us to work our very hardest in our own ballet classes so we can one day dance as beautifully, and inspire as many others, as the Birmingham Royal Ballet dancers did today.

Thank you to you and Mrs Kidd for all the support and opportunities you give us.  – By Suzanna Anscombe-Burrows, Student.